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Before You Buy a Franchise UK

Considerations before you buy a franchise in the UK Buying a franchise certainly makes a lot of sense.  When you invest in a franchise you receive the benefit of support,  brand recognition, and sometimes built-in customers will help you skip over a lot of the pitfalls that take down entrepreneurs starting from scratch. But there are still a lot of things that you need to consider to ensure a franchise is the right choice for you.After you’ve found the perfect [...]

What’s Your Potential To Expand?

When considering your choice of Franchise to invest in it’s also important to look beyond the initial agreement period. It can be easy to focus just on the shorter term of launching the business and the growth and profits that can be achieved over the first few years.Most Franchise agreements are for a commitment of 5 years and these are usually renewed providing all is still well with both parties. What you must look deeper at is the longer [...]