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What are the best franchises for sale in the UK?

So you are considering setting up your own business via a franchise opportunity and wondering what are the best franchises for sale in the UK?

Many people would say the best franchises are the ones that make you the most profit but that’s simply not true. Franchises are accross many different industries. Franchises can be home-based, retail, van based franchises, full time or part-time so the answer to which franchises are best in the UK is, well it depends!

Every one has different aspirations of what they want out of a franchise business. Some would like to build a huge empire and has vasts funds to invest and others would be happy to earn what they currently earn being employed but enjoy the work-life balance that some franchise opportunities can offer. So instead of asking what are the best franchises for sale in the UK you should be asking yourself the following;

  • What sector would I really enjoy working within? – Do you have a passion for sport, coaching, are you great with numbers? People succeed doing what they enjoy so being truly honest with yourself and answering this is vital before you can start shortlisting franchise opportunities.
  • Level of investment – How much do you have to invest and what are your prepared to risk? Remember franchises have a far lower failure rate but it’s a business and there is always risks in business.
  • Get your finances in order – When you start a new business it takes time to get off the ground. In the meantime bills, mortgages & children need to be fed. Plan your finances well so the day to day finances are covered so you can give your new business 100% and get it off to a flying start!
  • Seek professional advice – Franchise consultants, lawyers & accountants can help you carry out thorough due diligence on any franchise, vital before you invest your money and commit yourself to any venture

Good luck with your search for your ideal franchise. A great place to start is you download our free franchise guide


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