PlanHappy HeaderWhy PlanHappy’s Not Like Other Independent Financial Advice Firms

Many might not consider an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) business-in-a-box as the franchise for them. But, there’s more to the PlanHappy franchise opportunity than standard financial advice and promoting financial products.

Lifestyle Coaching

In fact, PlanHappy’s more about lifestyle coaching than selling financial products and really is for anyone with the determination to succeed, whether you’re already an IFA or not.

And, it provides a recurring income stream allowing you to run your business alongside your lifestyle, the opportunity to gain a degree level qualification and the chance to own a business that provides a life-changing service to clients.

One of the best things about owning your own PlanHappy franchise is getting to work with and coach clients through the lifestyle and financial decisions they face.

The challenge of course is getting them to understand that it’s not just about products, charges and performance, but about combining financial advice with lifestyle financial planning and looking at what really matters.

The PlanHappy Difference

PlanHappy is a process and proven system that’s been developed over many years and adds real value to clients lives by showing them when they can retire and what steps they can take to make their future lifestyle dreams a reality.

The difference between PlanHappy and what other financial advisers do, is that most IFAs are simply a conduit between the client and the underlying product, which means they’re not offering much real value themselves.

Clients don’t care who they get the financial product from, in the same way as you don’t care whether you buy a tin of beans from Asda or Morrisons, you go wherever gives you the best price at the time because it’s the tin of beans you ultimately want, not the experience of purchasing it.

PlanHappy helps build a sense of loyalty and has been designed to develop relationships with clients before you even talk about financial products.

This means clients choose PlanHappy because they want the comfort of dealing with someone they know, who helps them feel safe and who shows they understand how important their money is to them. Combining all this means they’re far more likely to trust you with their decision making.

And, it’s once you’ve spent the time building that relationship, they then understand the added value they’re getting.

The PlanHappy Franchise Opportunity

As a franchise it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a business with high quality training in a very holistic environment, where you can grow and develop a feel-good company, with a recurring income stream.

 It’s a great way to add value to both your clients and yourself, while doing something that’s enjoyable and offers a genuine opportunity to build a six-figure income stream.

Do you Have What it Takes?

However, to succeed you need to be determined and willing to push yourself to build your business. You’re getting an amazing business-in-a-box opportunity, but you really do need to be prepared to work at it.

You also need to have the ability to deliver a fantastic service to clients, becoming the go-to person for those reaching retirement age.

And, you need to be someone people can take counsel from. It’s not an age thing or having had certain job roles, it’s more about having the credibility in your delivery so they can respect and take guidance from you. Essentially, you’re part of the PlanHappy product and you need to be able to deliver it.

If you’re someone with these qualities, we’ll give you a vast wealth of training and support to help you set up and get started as our franchise partner. We provide training and support throughout your degree level IFA diploma, including paying your exam fees and training materials, and continuously supporting you after your business is up and running.

The Hard Bit’s Done for You

We also do all the hard background work of chasing client pension providers, sourcing information, calculating financial models and preparing reports, so you can concentrate on building your business and growing your income, through meeting the clients and helping change lives.

As a franchise opportunity it’s amazing and offers multiple benefits and support alongside the chance to be part of something that really does make people’s lives better.

There’s nothing greater than that.

Whether you’re already an IFA or you’re new to the industry, PlanHappy really can work for you.

To find out if PlanHappy is the franchise you’ve been waiting for, take a look at the PlanHappy Franchise by Clicking Here.