Family Law Assistance

I wish I’d heard about you when I was going through my divorce!

You don’t need to travel down that well-worn path

We hear this phrase a lot at Family Law Assistance, but it happens far less often than it used to be (that’ll be down to our extensive social media campaign!)

Chances are, you know someone who has gone through a divorce; there’s a good chance you’ve been through one yourself.

Everyone knows the basics, don’t they? Solicitors are expensive, your life is disrupted and if your ex-partner is hostile it’s going to financially and emotionally.

A lot.

People move out of their home, across the country, lose or damage their business and worst-case scenario – the scars are going to be there for years. Some people never recover, vowing never to marry or get into a relationship again.

You can represent yourself

Stop wincing at the back!

We’re not saying you walk into the lion’s den of the court to be faced by an aggressive solicitor (paid at least £250(+VAT) an hour by your ex, a judge who ignores everything you say and a one-sided story that paints you as Genghis Khan’s less-amenable brother/sister.

Speak to many legal professional and they’re going to say you need representation i.e., their services. They won’t say `He who represents himself has a fool for a client’ but we’re guessing the person who came up with that pearl had skin in the game and didn’t know about what we do.

It’s almost like you’re being told you’re stupid if you don’t use a solicitor, no?

We’re the alternative to solicitors

14 years in and our business and team are growing. We have people dotted around the country (we’re looking for more) and we’re helping ever- increasing numbers of litigants in their divorce, child contact and financial matters.

And we’re far more affordable than the traditional assistance you’re going to find too …even though over 70% of our clients come to us not because they can’t afford a solicitor but because they don’t want one! Our clients are typically professional people who want to actively engage in their case but need professional help in navigating procedure, paperwork and assistance during negotiation.

A different approach

The legal system is very conservative; innovation isn’t really a thing. When we formed Family Law Assistance in 2007, we approached it with fresh eyes. We looked at the `pain points’ experienced by litigants and asked `What could be done better?’ and designed a business to avoid them – something that was fast, flexible, effective and affordable.

We were also in it for the long term and we needed a system that was sustainable and didn’t lead to the `burn out’ many people in the legal field experience sooner or later.

We’ve outlasted many of our competitors and we’ve grown during that time too so we’re clearly on the right path.

What next?

Family Law Assistance is a growing franchise, with people joining on a regular basis. After our 6-week training programme that teaches you everything you need to become part of the team you’ll benefit from the ongoing support (and more training!) to make your business fly.

We’re bowled over by the response and by the happiness of our team members so far – and we’re going to keep growing too!

Want to find out more? Get in touch to chat to our founders and we’ll tell all!