Eazi-Apps is pleased to present 9 Rounds Gym review of their new mobile app. The 9 Rounds Gym mobile app was built by one of Eazi-Apps eighteen new North American partners who are building apps for small business across the US and Canada.

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, 9 Rounds Gym specialises in fitness through Kick Boxing. Before purchasing a mobile app 9 Rounds Gym was struggling to connect with customers and share time sensitive information. With the addition of a mobile app to their business and marketing platforms, 9 Rounds Gym has taken advantage of a range of features available in Eazi-Apps mobile apps.

9 Rounds is especially proud of the push messaging feature which allows them to inform gym members of events, promotions or closures. The fitness brand have also taken advantage of social media integration and geo targeting features to stay in touch with clients. Making use of the digital loyalty feature has enabled 9 Rounds Gym to entirely replace paper based cards. The Eazi-Apps mobile app has also enabled the Gym to market to customer groups who are more mobile focussed. By giving those customers a mobile based solution to research the health club, 9 Rounds is expanding their customer base.

Supporting the professional growth of our North American partners and their clients is invaluable part of the Eazi-Apps franchise global strategy. Watch the video testimonial below:

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