Vending or Van based franchise

Reasons, Why You Should Consider Investing In A Vending Or Van Based Franchise

All entrepreneurs seek the perfect job opportunity, one in which you do not have to work more than 40 hours a week and still make a good profit. Well, good news, because vending franchises are definitely the right fit for entrepreneurs and the lifestyle that they seek to achieve.

Little maintenance is required and it is also less time consuming than other franchise options. They’re less of an initial investment required and a consistent cash income. But are vending franchises just a fad that will go away? Let’s explore.

How Popular Is Vending?

A survey conducted in the UK by the Automatic Vending Association showed that over £6bn worth of products are being vended every year! That’s quite a lot. Vending businesses are responsible for 15,000 of the job opportunities available in the UK.

People often vend coffee the most, with other beverage items following closely in UK most favored vending machine products. Thus, vending is definitely one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, as it satisfies people’s need to be able to have constant access to products.

What All Can Vending Machines Supply?

In 1880, the first vending business was invented in the form of a coin-operated postcard machine. Now, vending machines are used for much more than that. Vending machines are prominently associated with sodas and chips, but now they are used for even more.

Some vending machines specifically only sell healthy snacks. DVD vending machines are also a thing, and ATMs are probably the most used form of vending machines.

Many vending franchises also work as van based franchises and are often also counted as low cost franchises. Take Café Lavista for example. A simple beverage vending machine franchise that specializes in good quality coffee drinks making them easily accessible and that too for low prices!

The smart idea behind this franchise is that in the UK, it is estimated that people drink more than 17 million cups of coffee in a day! And many people prefer vending machines or van based franchises to pick up coffee from while on the go!

Other franchise ideas could include selling hygiene products through vending machines, photo booths and even sweets dispensing vending machines.

Reasons To Consider Investing In A Vending Or Van Based Franchise

If you are the sort of person who doesn’t want a responsibility heavy, energy consuming brick and mortar business, but want to buy a franchise that provides flexible working hours, low investment rates and, obviously, profit then then a vending or van based franchise would be the best for you.

One your main tasks as a vending franchise owner would be to visit the machines regularly to restock them once they have been placed in high-traffic locations. The other responsibilities you will have would be to make sure the machines are working properly and to collect the income! Easy tasks that you can easily manage, or even outsource extra help to conduct these tasks for you.

In most cases, you can own multiple machines in the franchise, meaning you can acquire more profit! Vending machines are proven to be appealing to the masses and are profitable over a shorter period of time.

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