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Van based franchise are a very popular choice for entrepreneurs looking for lucrative business opportunities. Van based franchises are available in a variety of sectors, from delivery and collection to cleaning, plumbing and home maintenance. As van based franchises often don’t require investors to acquire commercial or office premises, they can be more affordable than other types of franchises. This makes van based franchises a very popular choice for ambitious entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds.


Types of van based franchise

There are a huge variety of businesses that can and do operate primarily from vans. Companies that work in deliveries and collections are among the most prominent van based businesses. Offering a relatively simple business model, these types of courier franchises can be very lucrative in many parts of the country. Franchises that offer home or office moving services also operate mainly from their vehicles. However, these types of franchises can require a large number of bigger vans to be purchased, increasing the startup costs franchisees will incur when investing.

Other types of franchises that are van based include oven cleaners, plumbers, home maintenance companies, gardeners and auto repair businesses. Though in some cases, franchisees may need an office as well as a fleet of vans, none of these businesses requires special commercial premises to be built or acquired and all carry out the majority of their work on location.


What type of person would suit a van based franchise

A van based franchise would appeal to an investor looking to escape the office, interact with customers on a daily basis and get out and about. The only key requirement for running a van based franchise is a valid driving licence. In some cases, franchisees may need a commercial licence so it’s important to check with the relevant organisations before they begin their operations.

Aside from a driving licence, the skills and qualifications an entrepreneur will need will vary between franchises. As most van based businesses require franchisees to interact with the public on a regular basis, good people skills would be an advantage. The ability to stay calm under pressure, navigate around unfamiliar areas and provide excellent customer service are also skills that entrepreneurs will find invaluable when beginning their van based franchise.

For franchises that carry out specific roles like drain clearing, oven cleaning, plumbing and garden maintenance, skills, training and qualifications may be required. Franchisees who are unsure what type of skills and qualifications are necessary for their chosen opportunity should contact the business they plan to invest in to find out more.

The benefits of running a van based franchise

For many people, the appeal of a van based franchise is that is lets them get out and about, meet customers and escape the office. This is often a major incentive for entrepreneurs moving into van based work from other areas as many people want a complete change when moving into a new career.

As van based franchises don’t require large commercial spaces to be built or acquired by the franchisee, they’re ideal for entrepreneurs looking for affordable investments. What’s more, as van based franchises can be operated by a single person, franchisees don’t necessarily need to hire employees until their new business venture gets off the ground.

More generally, van based franchises have a number of benefits over traditional business opportunities. By investing in a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch, franchisees have the advantage of having the experience and support of a major company behind them. The business that they invest in will provide them with crucial training, branding, marketing ideas, business strategies and advice. This can prove vital for a new venture and could make the difference between failure and success.

As the owner of a van based franchise, entrepreneurs will be their own boss. This will enable them to make their own businesses hours, dramatically increase their earning potential and get more satisfaction out of their working lives.


How to select the right franchise opportunity

The key to finding the right franchise opportunity is research. The more you know about the potential market in your chosen area, the easier it will be for you to find the opportunity with the most chance of success. If you have previous experience working as a plumber, handyman, painter, decorator, delivery driver or courier, this will come in useful when selecting the best opportunity for you. In some cases, you may already be familiar with your chosen franchise from your previous work within the industry.

Before you begin looking for franchises, sit down and work out how much capital you can afford to invest in the business. Look at alternative avenues likes loans and mortgages to assess your financial position. Once you have a good idea of your resources, you can begin looking for opportunities that fall within your budget. As van based franchises come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, it should be possible to find an affordable opportunity no matter what your finances.

In some cases, van based franchise opportunities will have geographic limitations. For example, if a franchise already has a franchisee in your local area, they probably won’t be willing to allow another franchise to open in the same region. This could have a big impact on the opportunities available to you, so it’s well worth looking into before you go too far down the road to investing.

Another important consideration is the financial potential of the franchise. You need to compare the amount you’re being asked to invest with potential profits and potential risk to work out whether or not the opportunity is financially viable for you. Once you’ve found a franchise opportunity that’s affordable, in the right area and that you think has a good chance of success, it’s time to get in touch with the franchise and take the first step on the road to becoming your own boss.

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