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Franchises For Sale Basildon

Franchising is becoming a very popular option in Essex for people looking to run their own businesses with a higher success rate since entering the world of business alone running an independent business can be daunting this is why franchising is so popular in Essex since once you make your investment you have not just invested in a well-known brand or even a business you have invested in a business where you will receive full training and constant support also many franchises have a proven business model.

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We will now list some facts below about Basildon and the area. We hope these facts can help anyone who is looking to invest in a franchise opportunity located in Basildon.

  • According to Wikipedia Basildon is the largest town within the borough of Basildon within the county of Essex.
  • Basildon also has a substantial population compared to other towns in Essex since according to Wikipedia Basildon has a total population of over 107,000 people.
  • Basildon is located 26 miles east of Central London, 11 miles south of the city of Chelmsford and 10 miles west of Southend-on-Sea.


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If you are interested in investing in a franchise in Basildon then our directory would be perfect for you to find your ideal franchise for sale since at Franchise UK we provide over 1,000+ different franchise opportunities in multiple different industries all across the whole of the UK. If you have read the information above and are not sure whether investing in a franchise in Basildon would be right for you or you are new and need to find out more about franchising before making your decision that's completely understandable this is also why we provide a lot of free information around franchising in the UK from free franchising guides all the way to franchising success stories to help anyone succeed in the world of franchising.