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Franchises For Sale In Amphill

Franchising is a trendy option for anyone to start their own business in Amphill. Today, we will share some statistics around starting your own business by investing in a franchise opportunity. We hope these statistics can help you understand the kind of customer base. Which is in Amphill and the economic growth Amphill has seen within previous years in the united kingdom.

Statistics around Amphill

We will now list some statistics around Amphill to give you a feel for the area and the customer base.

  • According to Wikipedia Amphill has an estimated population of 8,100 (2017) 
  • Amphill has several pubs and restaurants etc. 
  • Amphill has a booming hospitality industry for a small town! 

Facts around Amphill

A balance of rural and urban features ensures that living in Amphill is appealing to all. Amphill is also very highly regarded. The Sunday Times voted Amphill as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2019, calling the town unfairly underappreciated!

Location of Amphill

Befordshire is a county in the East of England. It is a ceremonial county and a historic county, covered by three unitary authorities: Amphill, Central Befordshire.

How franchising helps the economy?

We will now list some statistics below which were collected for the whole of the UK in previous years. Even though these are not exclusively statistics collected in Amphill. They still show what an important role franchising plays annually to the UK economy.


  • Franchising provides over 700,000 jobs across the UK.
  • Franchising alone in the UK contributes to a staggering £17 billion to the UK economy.
  • Also, franchising raises millions for its chosen charities annually.

Where to find out more about Amphill

If you are interested in buying a franchise in Amphill, I highly recommend you find out more about the area. There are many different places where you can find all sorts of different kinds of valuable information around Amphill, including Wikipedia. Also, if you are new to the whole idea of franchising as well why not have a browse through our blog at Franchise UK, which covers many different aspects of franchising from success stories all the way to key industry research and figures.