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Fitness franchises – a healthy business opportunity?

People are becoming more and more aware of their weight, fitness and general health, which is why now might be a great time to invest in a fitness franchises. Exercise, healthy eating and feeling better are becoming a more important part of all of our daily lives, with an emphasis on helping the next generation to look after their bodies too.

Fitness franchises are the perfect opportunity for health-minded and active people. And with a growing and diversifying fitness market, there has never been a better time to make the move.

There are many varied fitness-related franchises available, covering many aspects of health and well being, so it’s possible to find a franchise that suits you and your interests.

Types of fitness franchises

Gyms – This is one of the classic fitness franchise areas. People like to go to gyms where they know what to expect. A reputable and branded gym franchise provides a consistent service across all venues, which helps to bring customers through the doors from day one. Gym franchises require lots of equipment, facilities and staff, but there is big potential to make it a success from the outset.

Personal training – If an entire gym is not something you want to take on, you can get involved with a franchise that works on a more intimate level. Personal training involves working one-to-one or sometimes in very small groups to build fitness plans and guide workout sessions. As part of a franchise, you get the brand support, sales and expertise behind you to help you get started.

Alternative fitness – This is perhaps one of the fastest growing areas of fitness with yoga, Pilates and more modern crazes like Zumba becoming very popular. Offering group or individual classes, this is fitness with a more holistic and even social side attached and aims to promote general well being.

Sports fitness – There are numerous options for franchises in the sporting world. These include everything from five-a-side football leagues to trampoline centres. You organise sessions, tournaments and events, encouraging fitness through team sports and competition.

Why choose a fitness franchise?

So why choose a franchise over setting up your own independent venture? Well, as always with a franchise, you get multiple benefits from having the franchisor supporting you. You’ll get guaranteed customers and sales support as well as the use of branding and trademarks.

With a reputable franchise, you get the benefits of running a fitness business under an established company name. You will likely get business plans, policies, procedures and more as part of your set-up process. So, a large part of your initial work will be done for you.

The franchisor will choose or help you to source the location, equipment and staff, providing the training and resources to get the business up and running quickly. In the world of fitness, having properly trained staff and procedures in place is an essential part of the business. You will also likely have a membership base and sales support to get the business moving. Plus, in many cases, you will receive support and materials for advertising and marketing.

When it comes to running fitness businesses, experience is the key. Setting up and managing a successful gym is not easy, especially with so much competition. So having invaluable knowledge on your side will definitely be a bonus.

What you need to know about franchising

There are some considerations you always need to bear in mind with franchising. As you will be part of a larger organisation, you will have to work under certain guidelines and may be limited to only using certain equipment and methods. So this does place some limitations on what you can do within the business.

As well as an upfront fee, you will also be expected to pay annual royalty fees, so you need to factor this into your business plan. Plus, very often you will need to provide financial proofs or meet benchmarks as laid down by the franchisor. Also, you will have no control over the brand name or trademark. You will be entitled to use these as specified, but you will also be expected to take good care of the name and remember that damage to reputation can work both ways.

Before making your decision

It is always necessary to carry out due diligence when investing in a franchise. Look into the competition in the area and find out how you will fit into the existing market. What makes this franchise different and how do you intend to grow the business in the future?

Ask to see records and accounts of other similar franchisees so that you can get an idea of turnover, profit and expenses and, if possible, speak to other franchisees to find out about their experiences.

Think carefully about location, marketing strategy, staffing and more before you make your decisions, and have a clear plan for growth.

Is a fitness franchise right for you?

Fitness franchises are especially suited to people with lots of drive and energy. Any kind of fitness business revolves around being able to work with and motivate people to improve – whether that’s clients or staff. The ultimate goal is to help your customers feel better and healthier in a positive way, and if you can do this, you stand a very good chance of being successful.

From starting your own gym franchise to offering one-on-one classes with total beginners, the key is to keep the energy levels up. This, combined with the support and expertise of the franchisor, is the key to a successful fitness franchise.

To view health and fitness franchises for sale, why not take a look around the Franchise UK website.

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