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SkyCam franchise review, background and requirements to become a SkyCam franchisee

Technology is an incredibly important part of many businesses. As well as using computers, online software, printers, scanners and other gadgets to carry out everyday operations, a lot of businesses rely on technology for their income. These businesses have to survive in a fast-paced world, adapting to changing technological trends and new innovations whenever they occur.

Although the rapidly changing world of technology can make professional life a challenge, it also offers a wealth of franchise opportunities. New inventions can often give entrepreneurs the chance to offer completely new services to their clients and, in some cases, can even allow them to start brand new businesses. One such opportunity has been developing over the past few years in the form of drone cameras. Incredibly versatile and offering a huge potential for varied functions, these futuristic gadgets have created a number of new businesses, and new franchises, around the world.

In the UK, one of the leading drone camera franchises is SkyCam. With a rapidly growing network and good reputation in the industry, the business is attracting interest from both investors and customers across the country. To find out just how interesting this opportunity really is, we’re taking a closer look at the SkyCam franchise and everything it has to offer.

The drone industry

Although drone cameras have been around for a few years now, it’s only relatively recently that they’ve been commercially available and affordable enough to be within reach of many entrepreneurs. The cameras that are around today are capable of performing a huge variety of functions. From carrying heavy objects and taking photos to filming and carrying out surveys, these high-tech gadgets are making themselves useful in a wide variety of industries.

As a result of their affordability and versatility, the number of drones in our skies in growing fast. According to Business Insider, the market for civilian and commercial drones (as opposed to military drones) is set to grow by an impressive 19% between 2015 and 2020, with many of these machines used for professional purposes.

The SkyCam franchise

The SkyCam franchise started out life just a few years ago with a single drone pilot and a lot of ambition. Based in Essex, the business has managed to build up a network of more than 50 qualified drone pilots around the country and more franchisees are joining the business every year. SkyCam aims to have full national coverage as soon as possible, providing high-quality drone photography and videography to customers throughout the UK.

Franchisees working with SkyCam will be able to operate under a well-known and trusted brand name and be able to draw on the extensive experience of the corporate business and other SkyCam franchisees.

The franchise began to develop as drone technology became more advanced and more versatile. The impressive capabilities of high-end drones now allow SkyCam franchisees to carry out a variety of jobs, creating a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for something a little different.

SkyCam Aerial Photography Services

The services that SkyCam franchisees provide cross a variety of industries and sectors. Many franchisees work in media and entertainment, helping to film aerial segments for film, TV and production companies. Weddings and events are another important part of the business with more and more people now hiring professional drone photographers to document their important occasions.

As well as photography and videography for weddings, events and media, SkyCam franchisees also work alongside a variety of other businesses. Many of these businesses are looking for easy and affordable ways to survey large areas, monitor construction sites, inspect agricultural crops and carry out other large-scale imaging projects. Jobs can be one off or on-going and work can take place seven days a week.

What qualifications are needed to become a SkyCam franchisee?

The SkyCam franchise is currently looking for enthusiastic and dedicated entrepreneurs to become franchisees across the country, ad what’s more, you  don’t need any previous experience flying drones. The company offers to train all its franchisees to the required standard, allowing anyone to apply.

When you join the company, however, you will need to undergo the required training and gain your drone pilot license. As franchisees will be using professional standard drones, they’ll need to pass a government required competency test. This is necessary for all people flying drones that weigh more than 250g. This CAA approved training course will take place over three days, during which time franchisees will learn everything they need to know about flying a drone. There is also the option to take a photography course to get creative skills up to scratch.

Franchisees will receive support from SkyCam throughout this training process, helping them to complete the necessary training and begin working as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of becoming a SkyCam franchisee?

There are a number of benefits to becoming a SkyCam franchisee. Most importantly, franchisees will receive a DJI Phantom 4 drone when they join the company. This professional standard drone will allow them to carry out a wide variety of jobs and give them the tool they need to get their new business off the ground.

As well as a drone, franchisees will receive a professionally designed website, professionally designed business cards and a Facebook business account. Franchisees also receive on-going support with online and offline marketing and training and advice on how to deal with customers and manage their business. This training and support can help to give franchisees a real boost when launching their business and ensures they have resources and expertise to call on as they build their brand.

How much does it cost to become a SkyCam franchisee?

The cost of becoming a SkyCam franchisee is relatively low compared to some other franchise opportunities. Franchises are available for as little as £4,900, making the opportunity accessible to investors on a range of budgets. The franchise estimates that its franchisees are able to make between £150 and £2,000 per job, giving entrepreneurs a good return on their investment.

How to become a SkyCam franchisee?

At the moment, the SkyCam franchise is expanding quickly with more and more franchisees springing up across the country. As the franchise offers its franchisees their own territories, there are a limited number of opportunities available. If you’re interested in becoming a SkyCam franchisee, the first thing you’ll need to do is check that there is an opportunity available in your area. If there is, you can get in touch with the franchise and begin the application process.

Before you apply to become a SkyCam franchisee, make sure you have the necessary finances available. If you’re new to the franchise world, it’s a good idea to do some research around the franchise model to ensure you’re familiar with how this style of business operates. When becoming a franchisee, it’s always worth speaking to existing franchisees to find out a little more about the business and what it really offers.

To find out more about becoming a SkyCam franchisee, or to learn more about franchises in general, explore our site today.

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