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Glamping Franchises

From the beginning the glamping industry has shown a great growth. And has shown a serious change of holiday trends in the UK. Today we will list some statistics recently collected in the UK to give you an idea of this industries recent growth.

What is glamping?

Glamping is rapidly becoming a popular option in the UK for holidays. It gives people the chance to take a step back from tech and have a relax. And also most importantly explore and see nature more and explore the world around you. Which most of us forget about since we are all very busy with our own lives. Below we will list some statistics around the glamping industry to help and inspire anyone around making the decision if a glamping franchise opportunity would be the right choice for them.

Statistics around the camping sector in the UK.

We will now list some interesting statistics collected around the glamping ,  caravanning and also the camping industry in the UK. That were collected in the previous years in the UK. Hopefully these statistics should show you the potential of the camping / glamping industry and also show a significant trend change in UK holidays.


  • More than 17 million camping and caravanning trips were enjoyed during 2016, with a whopping 15 million being spent in Britain.
  • The total number of trips is expected to rise to 17.9 million in 2017 and to more than 21 million in 2020, according to market analysts Mintel, which says Britain’s camping and caravanning market will be worth £3.2 billion by 2020.

  • One in seven relish the chance of being disconnected from technology with no wi-fi or internet.

What does this show for the glamping trend?

These statistics above have overall proven that the holiday trend in the UK is changing annually. With the increase of people booking glamping trips and people wanting to get away from technology for a while this is very interesting. Because technology is meant to be the future of the world. But this trend shows people really do like to step back for a while and relax from technology. Overall these statistics above are very interesting and positive. All in all I hope these statistics have inspired anyone doubting around the glamping industry in the UK. Also if you are still not convinced around investing in to the UK glamping franchise. But are interested in pursuing a franchise within the whole travel & leisure sector in the UK why not check out our travel & leisure franchises category? For a wide range of all different types of travel franchise opportunities that are currently up for grabs in the UK.