Unique opportunity for pest control franchise that combines lifestyles of health and wellness and the ‘greening’ of America.

Xact Impact Natural Pest Management, a provider of professional pest control services using only natural, organic, botanical and biological low-impact materials, today announced that it will begin to franchise its unique pest control system and business model to qualified individuals.

The company offers affordable, home-based franchise opportunities, ideal for either current pest control industry personnel wishing to be meaningfully different than the 20,000 other pest control companies in the United States or individuals interested in natural and wellness products and services who wish to leverage their knowledge and experience in a complementary and rewarding way.

“After seven years of developing, refining and proving our unique Natural Pest Management system, we are excited about broadly expanding its availability through franchising,” said Kenneth S. Rubin, CEO of Xact Impact Natural Pest Management. “Now, many more homeowners, schools, healthcare facilities and business owners can benefit from highly effective pest control delivered with an unmatched margin of safety for the health of people, pets and the environment.”

Xact Impact Natural Pest Management’s system is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that uses natural, organic, botanical and biological materials combined with precise treatment methods to effectively and cost-efficiently control pest problems. The system does not include any chemical spraying or the use of harsh, EPA restricted-use pesticides.

As a result, customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a home or facility protected against pests, without the worries of breathing airborne chemicals or the risk of chemical contact with food, fingers or paws. Furthermore, by seamlessly integrating natural products and innovative treatment methods, the system reduces the risk of air and water contamination as well as the risk of harming plants or beneficial insects.

“We offer franchisees a unique opportunity to sell highly desirable services to the $6.5 billion recession-proof professional pest control market by appealing to health- and wellness-oriented consumers and those who support the ‘greening’ of America through reduced environmental contamination,” added Rubin. “Our experience and detailed market research indicate that our system has tremendous appeal to both current professional pest control customers and those who historically have avoided professional pest control services due to safety concerns.”

Simultaneous with its announcement that it has begun franchising, Xact Impact Natural Pest Management also is pleased to introduce its new, informative and easy-to-use website at www.xactimpact.com.
Xact Impact Natural Pest Management has delighted thousands of Florida customers for the past seven years with its unique Natural Pest Management solution.

The company’s cost-effective system works as well as or better than traditional pest control services. The differences are the company’s products, treatment methods and focus on protecting the health and well-being of people, pets and the environment. All services are provided with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Currently, franchises are being offered only in Florida, but the company intends to award franchises in other states after registration in those states is completed. Any direct contact with potential franchisees outside of Florida will be limited to obtaining contact information for use after registration in the potential franchisee’s state. Franchises are offered only by delivery of a franchise offering circular.

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