Petter Etholm, President of Cardsmart, says Father’s Day is an American tradition tracing origins to Sonora Dodd in 1909 and helped along by three U.S. Presidents, Coolidge, Johnson and Nixon. Cardsmart stores are set for the last minute rush for greeting cards for Dads across America as children send messages of love on the third Sunday of June, June 18th, a national holiday to honor the fathers of America.

Petter Etholm, President of Cardsmart, which offers 50% off every card every day, said, “Fathers are the traditional backbone of American families. We have cards that reflect how they think and feel. Father’s Day is the day children officially honor their Dads for their devotion and love.”

Etholm said Father’s Day has a long tradition in America, starting with efforts by a grateful daughter, Sonora Dodd, who in 1909 was inspired by Mother’s Day to try to do the same for fathers. Her dad was a Civil War veteran and a widowed farmer who raised six children alone.

Dodd’s appreciation led to a campaign resulting in President Calvin Coolidge supporting her idea in 1924. President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 signed a Presidential Proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day. In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a law to make the day permanent.

Cardsmart Retail Corporation, headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is a national chain of franchised and company-owned stores that offer consumers 50% off every card, every day. Featuring a full-line of 20,000 beautifully designed greeting cards, Cardsmart’s value-oriented strategy has developed an expanding base of loyal consumers.

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