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New app accelerates smartphone virtual property tour creation

A new virtual property tour app – Sceneuno – has speeded up tour creation by removing the need for expensive equipment, desktop editing and time-consuming processing. Sceneuno allows users to create a full property tour from their smartphone in minutes with no special training required, meaning that estate agents and lettings agents can now produce professional tours at speed.

While virtual property tours are nothing new, they have proved to be cost-prohibitive to produce for most private rental properties until now. However, the restrictions on physical tours because of COVID-19 have generated an increasing need for an easy and safe way to view homes remotely. Sceneuno opens up the possibilities of generating virtual tours at scale, even for lower rental value homes, using familiar smartphone features to make the process simple.

Sceneuno’s ‘showcase anything’ tech comes from the team who created the miServices inventory clerk franchise and widely used inventory software miProgram, adopted and emulated across the property and proptech sectors over the last ten years. 

Founder Stuart McCormick said: “We saw the gap for a user-friendly virtual property tour solution – at the moment, around two-thirds of properties on the rental market don’t have any virtual tours. This can mean that prospective tenants put properties without a virtual showcase to the bottom of the pile when compiling a shortlist of available homes.

“Sceneuno is a fast and cost-effective way to create professional virtual property tours on the go, which will help estate agents and lettings agents find new tenants quickly while reducing footfall through rental properties. With COVID-19 having such a significant impact on working practices, Sceneuno offers a simple, affordable and timely solution to bringing a property to life.”

Co-founder Alex McCormick added: “In the past, virtual tours tended to be reserved for high-value properties. Even without using a professional videographer, the software already on the market requires a considerable amount of work to be done back in the office on a computer, with uploading and processing often taking hours to complete before the tour is ready to use. Sceneuno is a game-changer, putting professional tours in reach of anyone who wants to create them.”

Sceneuno is available for download from the app store on iOS and Android and can be used on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. The app can connect to a 360 camera if required, making it easy to add in 360s in real-time while filming on site. English, Spanish and German versions of the app are available.

Franchise Tour de Maison (TDM) uses Sceneuno showcasing software to create and upload virtual tours for clients quickly and effectively.