Starting out on your own after Coronavirus

The coronavirus situation has led many to re-evaluating their current workplace status. Redundancies and businesses not being able to survive, may also lead to the rise of those wishing to start out on their own. However, taking that first step of STARTING A BUSINESS is the biggest decision some of you will ever make. It feels like (and usually is) a life changing moment and often people will think it over and over, analysing every aspect.

If it’s a business opportunity, or maybe a franchise you are looking at, it’s a different process than if you are starting from scratch on your own.

Before you make that step, analysing your business opportunity is extremely important, making sure it’s right for you but, if you know you want to take the plunge for sure, the advice is don’t over think it.

First step is to get a short list of businesses that appeal to you. Due diligence is key prior to the final decision (not afterwards) and any reputable organisation should have a wealth of information to help you achieve this quickly. Each one of these businesses should have the following traits:

– A proven business model
– A long term future
– Excellent training and support

Once you have your shortlist, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can you see yourself being successful, and loving running this business?
  2. Do you have the funds to invest to make it happen?
  3. Do you feel comfortable with the team you are looking to invest with?

This may sound like a simplified process, but in our experience at Clear Brew these are the most important questions. If you answer yes and you still can’t pull the trigger, then being in business probably isn’t right for you right now. There are plenty of “wantrepreneurs” out there and some just aren’t cut out for the high levels of work, stress and resilience that are required to be super successful in business.

It all starts with taking action, making a decision and just doing it! After that, you will get into the habit of making decisions like this often and keep pushing on and moving forward. As the old saying goes, “every journey starts with the first step” and for most of us that first step is the most difficult.

Our aim at Clear Brew is to help make the decision for you easier by introducing you to a proven business model that operates in a sector that has stood the test of time. An industry that has been hit hard by the recent enforced closures but an industry that has survived for centuries, through World Wars and many other stresses. We are confident that, like in the past, the industry will come through this with a renewed strength.

Rest assured that if you chose to take up a Clear Brew franchise, we will hold your hand every step of the way and introduce you to our franchise family, who can assist in making the journey a successful one.

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