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Pet related franchises is one of the best opportunities to have and build a potential business. Nowadays, that more individuals have their pets at home but busy with their tight schedule, it is time to grab the opportunity to include pet franchising to your lifestyle. In United Kingdom, almost 43% of the population owns a pet. This is a big market for those individuals who have the enthusiasm of taking care of their pets. There are basis why we should franchise to pet services. There is a huge market of pet related franchise. You can have many potential customers in the market despite of the financial difficulty, you can as well do better in your business and franchising has to deal with good environment.

Here are the lists of the top pet related franchise throughout United Kingdom:

Oscar Pet Food – This is a business that provides care and services for pets. They can deliver variety of care services like pet foods, accessories straight to your home. At Oscar’s, they understand the fundamental elements that a business should meet and that is to have a harmonious relationship with the customers. They value the support and loyalty given by their customers. Oscar is a business that is based for home that will provide you competitively-priced pet foods that are also high in quality of taste, nutritious and most especially locally sourced.

Oscar’s have celebrated their 20 years in the business. They have experienced helping other individuals to start up their own business. They are now offering 20% off for their normal franchise. They have also prepared different marketing campaigns for new businesses. If you invest at Oscars you can have a package of comprehensive in-house and outdoor training. You can also have exclusive location, enough marketing equipment and tools, continuing assistant, lots of marketing workshop and many more. At Oscars they would ensure that your confidence to build a business is the best start for you to make.

Husse – Husse (“hoo-say) is the leading pet related franchise in UK being the head in pet food delivery. Started at Sweden 27 years ago, Husse has made its popularity in over 46 countries throughout the world. It has also established perfect business strategies that would enable their clients to apply and franchise with them. They have different franchises like the Husse Pet Nutritionist that offers nutrition based keys. The Lifestyle Business that operates local pet owners who wants to work freely.

In terms of pet elated franchise, Husse package include private territory, regular workshops and trainings as well as seminars. Printed and digital formats of Husse Operational Manual field training and a definite 40% gross margin. For a worth of £8,000 (RRP) you can have a complete Husse product of dry foods and a full territory. If you want a van, Husse tent, catalogues and samples with 2 day in-house training plus a Microsite and a social media uniforms, you can have that for only £2,000. Furthermore, Husse delivers your product free of charge directly to your home. This will guarantee the customer to have satisfaction by making excellent service.

Animals at Home – This pet related franchise offers their services by taking care of their customer’s pets in the security and relief of their own home. They have their own business market attending to their client’s home, look after their pets, and guarantee the handiness for the owner and less stress for their pets. They could do dog walking, pet sitting and feeding as well as pet behavior, cat care and cat feeding. They were not just focusing to cats and dogs, but they accept many pets such as rabbits, hamsters, birds, reptiles and many more. Animals at Home provide an Animal Pet Ambulance and Pet Taxi service in UK.

Animals at Home provide single franchise and Master franchises in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. Their package include a business plan, a full marketing support, booking advice, they can make you website and email addresses, regular meetings, accounting system, bookings advices and a full training within three days.

Petpals – It is said that Petpal was the first in UK that offers personalized pet care franchising that is creatively designed, proven and tested services. Petpals is the first full range pet related franchise of pet care services offering you pet sitting, boarding of dogs, puppy care, and elderly dog care plus a pet taxi. If you would like to franchise at PetPals, here are the services that you may enjoy: home sitting and boarding, a home pet visits, dog walking, loads of pet accessories, foods and supplies, a pet groomer and trainer of course, a pet taxi, a veterinarian and a pet taxi. As mentioned above, PetPals provides an intensive service for pets.

To develop your skills they have provided all-inclusive package that you need to enter the Petpals Franchise:

An initial training for three days that will modify your own needs as an individual, a personalized Operations Manual, across the board training program, a technical manual that will cover pet care and IT interactive software. For just £12,500+VAT you can launch your own PetPals franchise. You should have enough investment to allow your franchise work during its first year.

Pet Stay – This business is a loving and caring pet related franchise to kennels. Pet Stay is a local franchising network that works throughout UK. They established their company in 2005 and offer a home dog boarding to their customers. As low as £9,995, you can have your own franchise of PetStay business. They have the lowest pet related franchise in the pet franchising industry in UK. With PetStay, your pets will be taken out for walks outside your home. The good thing is if you have three dogs, PetStay will look after them together. No one will be left behind. Their staffs are experienced dog lovers so you don’t have to worry.

Their package include ongoing training and support, lead generation, 2/3 day extensive training such as setting up and running your own PetStay business, sales marketing to attract more clients, you will have also the PetStay overview and the market place and how to report and account to the Administration.

Start your own pet franchise today. Maybe one day you could be managing your own pet related franchise. Remember that they have high demand for their worthy services and frankly this business will give you fat money for it attracts many potential clients.

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