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Dog Walking Franchises UK

According to Dogs Trust, approximately 24% of households own at least one dog – that’s nearly one in four homes in the UK! And with the Office of National Statistics reporting around a third of people in the UK are full-time employees, there is often the concern that people’s beloved pets aren’t getting out enough. The demand for pet care, and especially dog walking franchises, is booming and is set to continue to soar.

In fact now is the perfect time for a dog walking franchise. If you own a dog, then it’s even better as you can spend 24 hours a day with your own, whilst giving it the freedom to go on walks with other dogs from your community as well.

Why should I invest in a Dog Walking Franchise?

After COVID-19 hit not just the UK but the whole world, many households have grown attached to being with their dogs for long periods of time, especially through tier restrictions and lockdown. It goes without saying, that your dog has likely grown even more used to it being with you as well. When you need to start going back to work full time, it will hit your dog hard because you will suddenly stop being around it, and you’ll be back to your previous routine. And your beloved dog won’t enjoy being stuck in doors for over 8 hours a day, especially if it has grown into a lockdown habit of going for walks every few hours.

But it isn’t going to be just you who is facing this, it’ll be your whole community. There will be a sudden spike in demand for dog walking services. And one of the good things about pet franchises, is that they’re not always about dog walking – many pet franchises may also cover other pet services like dog day care, pet transport, grooming and perhaps even deal with other pets such as cats and budgies!

Benefits of Dog Walking Franchises

As with other types of franchise, the main benefit of a dog walking franchise is that you’re buying an established business, along with its proven system of operation and brand. You’ll be trading under a brand name and logo that is recognised and well respected across other parts of the UK. The franchisor will have the marketing tips and guidance for dog walkers and will be able to provide full training support.

It’s as clear as daylight that one of the main benefits will be that you work your own hours and whilst you’ll love doing what you enjoy, your pet will too.