The Travel Franchise Reports
 Best Month in 20-Year History


“Holiday sales and bookings this month have been the best in our 20-year history. With some of our consultants reporting it’s getting busier and busier, it’s no wonder we are seeing huge demand for travel franchises. Booking holidays through agents is a trend that’s here to stay.” 

Co-founder, Paul Harrison

Latest figures from The Travel Franchise suggest that the post-Covid travel boom is here to stay and there’s never been a better time to launch a travel business.

More holidays than ever before are being booked through its franchisees who operate home-based agencies through its customer-facing brand Not Just Travel with revenue and holiday bookings this month up over 39 and 32 per cent respectively compared to January 2023 (which was also a record January).

Co-founder Paul Harrison said: “Some people thought holiday bookings in 2024 might not reach the same levels as last year as pent up demand following the pandemic would dampen down. However, trading so far has been the best in our 20 year history and some agents report it’s getting even busier!” 

Harrison attributed the company’s record-breaking figures to a combination of more agents and productivity due to investment in training and support for franchisees with higher margins too, particularly from cruise bookings.

He added: “Many agents are already exceeding their sales targets with some on course to achieve the best month in their career.”

“We are really proud of them as 98 per cent are new to travel yet are finding customers, making bookings and earning money in a really short time period.

“One lady who completed The Travel Franchise’s 5-day virtual training in early January booked £28,000-worth of holidays in under two weeks. Another of the company’s more established agents this month made a single big booking worth £119,000, while many franchisees have achieved six-figure sales this month.

“This really proves that people want to book holidays through our consultants and that people new to travel can not only launch their own successful businesses with our help but can really skyrocket sales quickly if they follow our proven business model.”

Harrison said one of the fastest growth areas was cruise with cruise revenue (sales) up 64 per cent and bookings up 25 per cent.

He attributed the growth to the expert training provided by its Cruise Division, a team of cruise business development managers with years of cruise experience.  

“Franchisees who join our optional Cruise Mastery Programme can log onto cruise webinars, get advice from our cruise BDMs, tour cruise ships while in port, join our company cruises and essentially become a cruise expert in 12 months. Statistics show that this programme is delivering results.”

One consultant, Lynette Anderson, who is part of the Cruise Mastery Programme said that one third of her bookings this month had been for cruise holidays. “Even though it’s not typically the month for cruise sales and launches we’re seeing higher demand for cruise”.

Meanwhile, another agent booked a cruise worth over £83,000.  

“We are gaining a reputation for being the best in the business for teaching franchisees how to become cruise experts and take advantage of some of the biggest commissions in travel,” said Harrison.

“This year to help them further we have several company cruises planned with our key trade partners on Princess Cruises and Virgin Voyages. Franchisees will be able to experience a cruise and learn how to sell it at the same time as our cruise gurus will be onboard giving them training and advice. It’s a priceless opportunity.”