The Business Show is expanding to American soil! The show is set to commence on the 20th & 21st September 2023 at the LA Convention Center. 

The Business Show LA will give you everything you need to start your dream business. If you are already a small business or startup owner you will be given all the tips, tricks, and resources to grow your business to new and exciting heights. 

With inspiring keynotes, enriching seminars, interactive masterclasses, live panel debates, and limitless networking opportunities, you won’t find these resources anywhere else. Our seminars are presented by a host of industry experts all under one roof to give you the tricks of the trade. Our packed programme ensures that every business professional will come away having gained new products, resources, knowledge, or connections. Also, with 300 cutting-edge exhibitors under one roof spanning a vast variety of sectors, everyone and anyone in the world of business will find something that captures their interest.

Your free ticket gives you access to co-located shows Working From Home Live, Retrain Expo, Going Global Live, The Sustainability Zone, and The Future of Work. Working From Home Live provides employers and employees with the products and services they need to work remotely and effectively, Retrain Expo covers all aspects of retraining, reskilling and career progression for both individuals and employers and Going Global Live helps you to take your business overseas. The Sustainability Zone helps businesses become greener, and The Future of Work explores digital transformation and revolutionary technological advances.

Joining The Business Show this year is The B2B Marketing Expo California. The show is on a mission to deliver innovation and inspiration to marketers so that they can transform the way they work and drive their organisation’s growth. The event is packed with expert speakers, industry-leading exhibitors and live demos that will leave you buzzing with ideas and knowledge. The exhibition will cover a range of topics including; market research, SEO, advertising, lead generation, branding, inbound marketing and much more. 

When attending The Business Show we advise you to make the most of the opportunity by using your show guide to your best advantage. Grab a pen and highlight the exhibitors you want to visit, the seminars you want to attend, and the panel debates you can’t miss. Be proactive in participating at The Business Show. You will get out what you put in. We are especially encouraging of entrepreneurs or those that are thinking of creating a startup. If you are looking for something new and fresh and are tired of your current career, why not join us and consider all of your options? We essentially provide you with everything you need to start your journey. Our keynote speakers and other industry experts in attendance all have a story of how they made it in the world of business. Get inspired, take their advice, and build your way up.

We also advise you to do some research before you attend. If you’re wanting to start a business or improve and grow your current one, what are you going to find helpful at the show? Do you need to pick up some products to help your employees work more efficiently, do you want access to the latest tech or cybersecurity programmes? Would it benefit you to attend a masterclass in digital marketing? If you can set a list of goals for your business and briefs for how you will achieve them, while you’re at The Business Show we guarantee that you can check all of those items off your list.

The Business Show LA will fast-track your journey to success and grow your business to new and exciting heights. So what are you waiting for? To register for your FREE ticket, simply head over to The Business Show