QFA Member Milestone

The Quality Franchise Association (QFA) is today celebrating its 150th Franchisor member joining the organisation. The not-for-profit trade association which was set up in 2018 with the mission to grow franchising through inclusivity and education, provides access to resources to help franchised businesses grow and individuals that are interested in franchising to start their own business.

Joel Bissitt VFP, CEO, QFA commented: “The QFA is accessible for all franchised businesses both large and small with a low-cost single tier membership which provides multiple benefits including advertising, resources, free educational courses, networking opportunities plus awards. Our membership has doubled in the past two years and our goal is now to become the largest franchise association by franchisor members. Achieving this critical mass means we can support and promote franchising at an even higher level including proactive government lobbying.”

Triple Two Coffee has been confirmed as the 150th QFA member. David Hodgetts, Managing Director of Triple Two Coffee confirms: “For us joining the QFA means we can access independent support and resources to help us continue to grow our franchised operation. The QFA is run on a voluntary basis and so fees are low, and the extensive benefits mean joining is incredibly good value. We are looking forward to capitalising on our partnership with the QFA as we continue growing our franchise operation”

Joel Bissitt continues: “Franchising is an unregulated industry and the only way to raise standards is through education. Most issues arise because of lack of knowledge, and we are able to offer impartial advice. We also offer free training courses for prospective franchisees and for franchisors about how to franchise a business successfully, as well as offering promotional opportunities in our magazine and on our associated sites. We are also expanding abroad and through our network of trusted partners will soon be able to offer similar services overseas in North America, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. It means we can help organisations avoid the common mistakes and we can support and promote franchising as an industry at the same time.”

The QFA recently highlighted the results of a survey into franchise organisations’ experiences during the pandemic. The full results of the REPORT ON THE IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON THE FRANCHISING SECTOR please visit: https://www.franchise-association.org.uk/franchising-white-papers/

For further information about the QFA and the benefits of becoming a member please see https://www.franchise-association.org.uk/join/