NutraPower franchise has added more options to its compensation plan to accommodate a wider variety of networkers.

NutraPower is excited to announce that in addition to its six-pack autoship plan, it has now added 1 bottle autoships and 3 bottle autoships to better accommodate the needs of network marketers.

“This will open up our 3×12 matrix to a much wider audience, while still allowing us to provide the level of service and attention that our associates demand”, says Dianna Hendricks, NutraPowers founder and president. “We are growing at an astounding rate, and I am very glad to see that NutraPower is always refining itself.”

CEO and web guru, Chris Lund, implemented the changes overnight. “Our systems are all custom written for NutraPower which is great because it allows us total flexibility and control over the whole system. Take for instance our online ordering system. When someone completes a retail order or a new associate joins online, everything happens automatically.

Receipts are printed in the shipping dept., our data is automatically sent to UPS, and returned with a tracking number back into our databases. Commissions are calculated in real time, and the appropriate uplines get notices. Accounting records are updated, and personalized labels are created for the associate for their autoship. It’s a sweet system.”

NutraPower has taken the time to lay down the groundwork for massive future expansion and success. Because most of their systems maintain themselves, NutraPower has a much smaller operating overhead.

“Where do we see ourselves in 5 years?”, asks Mr. Lund “Well the industry is changing all the time, and I believe that we will start to see a shift towards better customer support, more company involvement with the associates, and online systems using more video and multimedia in the future. It’s really an exciting time in network marketing as we revolutionize and mature. We’ll just have to see what the future holds.”

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