With the right approach, running your own digital marketing and website franchise can provide you with plenty of opportunities for profitable business growth and long-term success.


1. Listen.People buy benefits, not features. Ask lots of questions so you know exactly what the prospect needs before talking about what you can provide. The only way to meet your customer’s expectations is to truly understand what it is they want from their website.” – Simon Wilkins, itseeze Websites Exeter


2. Believe in the product.Be passionate about what you are offering – it is pretty damn good after all! Having confidence in the great product you’re selling will help convince your potential customers that this is the right web design service for their business.” – Mark George, itseeze Websites Peterborough


3. Pick up the phone. “Although it might seem daunting, telemarketing really does work. For me, it’s one of the most important approaches to winning new business. I’ve had great success with it – 40% of all my leads are a direct result of picking up the phone. You just have to have the right attitude!” – Sarah Thompson, itseeze Websites Coventry


Suzy Perry, itseeze Websites Bristol 
“The business will not just come to you – you need to go and find it


4. Experiment.The business will not just come to you – you need to go and find it. The first six months are a good time to see what works best for you – try everything recommended to you during your training week to get your web design franchise up and running at a good pace.” – Suzy Perry, itseeze Websites Bristol


5. Be flexible.Work around your customers. Making yourself available for evening and weekend appointments may be more convenient for small businesses, and will also give you a competitive edge, as many web design companies are not always willing to offer this.” – Rob Davies, itseeze Websites Ryedale


6. Look to your fellow franchisees.Talk to other franchisees, pick their brains, and find out what works for them. Everybody’s willing to help and share ideas at, as with our protected franchise regions there’s never any risk of competing with one another. We’ve all got our own set of techniques for winning new business, and one of them might just work for you too.” – Garry Stewart, itseeze Websites York


 Garry Stewart, itseeze Websites York
“Talk to other franchisees, pick their brains”


7. Form strategic partnerships.Think about how to work with other local companies, for example small businesses that will happily recommend your web design services. It’s definitely worth searching out these valuable contacts – a quarter of my business is from just four individual referrers.” – Steve Axtell, itseeze Websites Northampton


8. Branch out.You can expand your income by promoting complementary digital marketing services alongside the websites that you offer. This is a great way to increase your earnings and solidify your reputation as a local web specialist with clients.” – Ann Naylor, itseeze Websites Windsor


9. Actively network.Don’t just ‘attend’ networking: you need to be active in the room – either trying to get appointments or recommendations. During most networking events, you get 40-60 seconds to stand up and introduce yourself to the group. It’s useful to plan this out beforehand.” – Phil Revill, itseeze Websites Nottingham


Phil Revill, itseeze Websites Nottingham
“Don’t just ‘attend’ networking:

you need to be active in the room”


10. Find your niche.The team at will provide you with a best practice guide full of tried and tested methods – try different things and see what works for you. We’re all different – so if you achieve more success with some things above others, then focus your efforts accordingly. You will learn as you go.” – Rob Davies, itseeze Websites Ryedale


11. Get support. There’s a dedicated support team at the Head Office ready to offer help and expertise whenever required. I can’t fault the commercial and technical support that I’ve received. – Brian Cox, itseeze Websites Camberley


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