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Franchise UK, the largest directory of franchise opportunities in the UK with over 1,000 franchise opportunities listed in the Franchise UK directory. Browse UK franchises for sale plus free franchising information including expert articles, guides plus and a list of all franchise shows & franchising events.  If you are considering self employment via a franchise opportunity then Franchise UK is a great place to find your ideal franchise. There are a huge variety of franchise opportunities in the UK. Many tend to think of franchising as fast food businesses such as McDonalds, KFC & Subway but franchise opportunities in the UK cover many industries. Types of franchises available include food franchises, van based franchises, retail franchises, white collar franchises & home based franchises but these again encompass many industries. Some of these could include business coaching & management consultancy, child care, food & non food retail, travel & leisure including hotels & restaurants, shoe shops, the list is endless & because franchising is replicating a successful business the opportunities grows daily giving you more choices to change career by franchising. Good luck with your search.

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Free Franchise Guide

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If you are at an initial, discovery stage and want to find out more about a number of different varieties of franchise opportunities, we would highly recommend you use the ‘Find a Franchise Service’ this is a FREE franchise matching service provided by Franchise UK and enables the franchise seeker to obtain further information on a number of different potential franchise business options.
The Franchise UK ‘Find a Franchise Service’ is a FREE franchise matching service ideal if you are new to franchising or are considering a possible career change.

Franchise Opportunities By Type

There really is a franchise opportunity ideal for everyone, whether you have a passion for accounts, motors or pizza there is a complete A-Z of exciting UK franchise opportunities available.

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Search for local franchises for sale in your area, click on the franchise brand logo or browse our entire UK  franchise directory to view franchises for sale near you.

UK Franchising Information

Over 1,000 UK franchise brands

The number of franchise business outlets now totals 39,000+

UK Employment

Number of people employed by franchises = 561,000

7% increase in Franchise Businesses

Over the past 5 years there has been a 7% increase in franchise business units.

UK Owned and Run

4 in 5 of the franchise businesses in the country are now UK owned and run.

Franchising Profitability

Percentage of franchise business units profitable: 92%

Full Time Jobs in franchising

Over a ¼m full-time jobs created by franchise businesses in the UK

20% Growth Over the Past 5 Years

Franchising contribution has grown by 20% over the past 5 years, whilst the overall business economy has shrunk 2.5% over the same period.

Total Economic Contribution

The total economic contribution of the franchising industry now stands at £13.7 billion, up 2.4% on last year’s figure.

and more...

Franchising Statistics

Franchising in the UK is proving to be a significant factor contributing to UK business economy, a survey commission by the British Franchise Association and Natwest highlighted some very interesting franchise business statistics.

Cut Through The Franchise Jargon

By visiting the Franchise UK Directory you have taken the first step towards changing your career via a franchise business, at  Franchise UK you can access many franchise opportunities & find out more about franchising in the UK. To help cut through the franchising jargon. View our franchise jargon buster

Franchise Opportunities

There really is a franchise opportunity ideal for everyone, whether you have a passion for accounts, B2B, retail, motors or pizza there is a complete A-Z of exciting UK franchise businesses for sale waiting for you to discover. Franchising is an ideal way to change career direction as franchises include full training & support from the franchisor.

Ongoing Industry Growth

Franchising in the UK is experiencing
considerable and ongoing growth.

Many Business Options

Many franchise seekers are impressed
with the many franchise business options
that are available.
Franchise Consultants Franchise UK

Higher Rate of Success

There are many reasons why franchises
Enjoy a higher rate of success when
compared to business startups.

Easier To Setup

More and more people are choosing franchise opportunities rather than setting up a business from scratch.

Franchising FAQ's

What is a franchise? - Definition of a franchise

A franchise is when an existing, already trading business model is copied. This copying is achieved by production of franchising materials such as a franchise agreement, franchise operating manuals, business plans & forecasting and detail operations and franchise training manuals & support. To find out more about the definition of a franchise and what it entails check out the following article What is a franchise?

History of franchising - Background & where franchising began

Many people think that franchising is relatively new, it’s not. The fact is franchising a business model goes right back to the 19th Century! Many new to franchising also think of fast food franchises but franchising in the UK covers many different industries and contributes billions to the UK economy. To find out more about the history and origins of franchising read or article The history of franchising

What are the advantages of a franchise compared to setting up alone?

Franchising is replicating an already “proven” business model, market and concept. This and the support given by Franchisors ( the business model owner ) is what makes the success rate of a new business via a franchise model so much higher than setting up on your own.

Essentially franchising is being in business for yourself but not by yourself, reducing risk and in many cases being able to launch more quickly using the already established brand of the Franchisor. To find out more read our article What are the advantages of buying a franchise?

What are the most profitable franchises?

This is an almost impossible question as with all businesses, whether a franchise business or not the success of failure is down to you, the business owner. Many see well established franchise brands that have a high repeat business rate, i.e food, lawn care, cleaning as the most successful long term but that’s not always the case and you also need to consider your own interests and skills as to ensure success you need to make sure the franchise is a good match to your background, skills and experience. To find out more read our article What are the most profitable franchises in the UK?