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3 Top tips for running a franchise from home

If you have recently started a new franchise that you are able to operate from the comfort of your home, you will most likely be enjoying the freedom of remote working and being your own boss. It can, however, be difficult to transition to working from home, especially if you are used to working in an office environment. Below we outline some top tips that will help you run your franchise from home.

1. Set yourself working hours

The great thing about owning your own franchise is you can be your own boss and can choose when you want to work. It is important, however, that you try to set yourself working hours and stick to them when possible. For example, if you find you are more productive in the morning, you could set yourself working hours of 7-2. If you do not set yourself working hours, you may end up struggling to control your home/life balance.

2. Set up an office space in your home

It is essential you find a place within your home that is peaceful and comfortable so you can run and operate your franchise productively from home. For example, you may wish to turn a spare bedroom into an office or transform your dining room into your workspace. Try to choose an area with a lot of natural light and ask members of your household to not disturb you whilst you are working on your franchise.

3. Fake a commute

Naturally, you’ll want your franchise to be as successful as possible, but it is important you keep your home life and work-life separate to ensure you do not burn out or overwork yourself. To help you separate your franchise and personal life when working from home, start each day with a short walk and once you have finished work for the day, take another short walk. This will mimic a commute and help you separate your franchise from your home life.

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