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Why home based franchises could be the answer to second lockdown unemployment

The UK is yet again seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases across the country and, despite a new 3-Tier system coming into effect on Wednesday 14th October 2020 which aims to try and curb the necessity for a second national lockdown, the thought of a full lockdown is still on everyone’s minds.

Whether or not we go into another lockdown is detrimental to the fates of many industries, which means hundreds of thousands of jobs and careers on the line. For many people, the Christmas period is something like a light at the end of a tunnel – a time of joy and closeness following months of uncertainty and separation. So it’s only natural that we want to go all-out with gift-giving and getting in nice treats for friends and family.

But how to do so, if you’ve been laid off from your job or your hours cut down? The answer could lie in home based franchising.

What is home based franchising?

Home based franchises are businesses for which you work for, or own, from home. Work from home franchises (ideal for parents) can be either started up by yourself if you have a sense of entrepreneurship and business acumen, or else an existing one that you simply join and work for as a franchisee.

What are the benefits of working for a home based franchise?

Working for a home-based franchise reaps a whole ton of benefits, most of which feels especially gratifying because they grow from the seeds you sow yourself! Here are just a few of the advantages of starting up, or working for a home-based franchise:

Flexible working hours

With a home-based franchise, there are usually no strict rotas to check week-in, week-out. Rather, you set your own goals and a timeline to complete them by. This is especially great for during lockdown because you can tailor your hours around children, food shopping, and even the self-care time that it’s recommended we all indulge in for mental health reasons. You can work mornings, afternoons, evenings, over the night, or even a combination of two of these time periods. The point of the matter is that the choice of when to work is yours, which is stress taken off during this already stressful time.

No commute

Many workers feel unhappy with commuting to work at the best of times – but now during a pandemic brought about by an invisible airborne virus? Even with government-mandated masks, there is still anxiety over public transport and so on. You can negate this anxiety by working from home. Getting rid of the need to commute also awards you extra time to get set up and ready in the morning, meaning you can feel more refreshed and ready to work for the day. A lack of commute is again great for those with families too, as you can use that time to prepare children for school or get some chores done.

Learn at your own pace

Though many businesses have and continue to make the switch to working remotely, it’s often jarring for a lot of employees that suddenly find their routines upside down. They no longer have the desks they’ve been sat at for possibly years, they have to learn how to use virtual video programs and so on…it’s a lot to take in. By starting working for a home-based franchise outright, you can teach yourself how to use the necessary tools and programs at your own pace, without pressure. You don’t have to suddenly unlearn everything you know and experience the confusion that comes along with that.

It saves money

Ultimately, the pandemic and its consequential lockdowns have impacted a lot of households financially. By working from home you cut down on expenditures such as fuel, parking fees, lunch meals, uniforms or work attire, and more. This means you can spend the money you do have on other necessities, such as food, rent, and bills. It also provides you with an income dictated by yourself – ultimately the more hours you work, the more you earn. You just might need to spend an initial amount getting your office space set up – but that all depends on what franchise industry you get into and what equipment you need. It may not be much at all!

Choose Franchise UK

Working as a home based franchisee isn’t for everyone. It takes persistence, organisation, self-discipline and awareness, among many other things. And it’s a big change from working with others in a team environment such as an office or retail.

However, home based franchising could bring you mounds of success if you stick to it and work hard. It could be a welcome distraction or a new line of income during this horrible time. If you think you’ll be great at working from home for a franchise, take a look at Franchise UK. We’re the UK’s largest online franchise directory, with hundreds of franchises available for you to browse and learn about.

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