Family Law Assistance Franchise UK

Personal experience built a brand, personal passion makes it grow

When Steven and Michaela Wade faced the courts to fight for the right for Steven to remain part of his child’s life, little did they know that they were setting the foundations to build a franchise and a legacy to help others who would need to fight for their children, without the need for hefty legal costs.

From that moment Family Law Assistance has grown and fought many battles for its clients, who couldn’t have afforded expensive legal representation, and needed more than just legal support. Says Michaela, “FLA was started because we have been where you are. We’ve felt the same frustrations, dealt with the emotion of accusations made by an ex-partner, and come through the other side.

As the demand for Family Law Assistance grew, there was a need to train new people; people with a passion to help, just like Michaela and Steven do.

Gemma Connelly, based in the North West, was FLA’s very first franchisee. “I came to FLA from a corporate sales background, but after experiencing going through family court myself, after leaving an abusive and controlling relationship, I knew I could help others. I’d gathered all my own evidence and looked into training in this field. Meeting Michaela, I knew I’d found my passion.

Being a member of Family Law Assistance means I can help so many others facing court. The service we provide is about the people and being realistic about what they may encounter and supporting them through a very emotional time.”

Jodie Dennison became a FLA franchisee after looking to follow her dreams of wanting to be a lawyer. She’d been running a beauty business for 20 years and began her Law Degree two years ago. She was seeking the opportunity to get some experience in the field and to move out of the beauty sector. When she found FLA it was the perfect fit.

“I’d been through a divorce and knew how the system worked but recognised that there was very little support when going through such a tough time. You cannot comprehend the emotion unless you’ve been through it. What I love about being part of FLA is the emotional support, not just the legal help. 

“Family court is not consistent; every case is different, but the skill of a FLA franchisee is about being able to manage clients’ expectations.

“Men and women can be Family Law Assistance franchisees. The crucial skills are to be compassionate, a good listener, be patient but firm. Family Law Assistance have provided all the training, support and teamwork I need as a franchisee. It really is like a family business. Having Family Law Assistance’s name gives you a great headstart in your business.”

Family Law Assistance was founded in 2006 and has since grown across the UK with 7 franchisees throughout the country. If you’d like to learn more about the Family Law Assistance opportunity, get in touch today.

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