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How to choose a fitness franchise that’s right for you

If you are interested in starting a fitness franchise, you are in the right place. Perhaps you understand how profitable this sector can be, or you have a passion for helping people lead healthy lives. Regardless of your motivation, it is essential to the success of your venture that you choose the right type of fitness franchise for you. In this post, we run through some of the different kinds of fitness franchise opportunities available, and what kind of investor they would be suitable for.

Gym franchises

Gym franchises are popular, with many people looking to run a gym of their own. As a gym franchisee, you have the freedom to choose your role in the business. Perhaps you enjoy a managerial position looking at the figures and marketing. Alternatively, you could be involved in the day-to-day running of the gym, building a community and acting as the face of your business. The type of gym you wish to run will also depend on your budget. Securing a high footfall location can be expensive, so most often, gym franchises are best suited to those with a decent budget. You may also need to invest in high-quality equipment, staff and the latest fitness trends to draw in a good number of customers.

Outdoor fitness franchises

Outdoor fitness franchises allow you to run larger classes with lower startup costs. The weather can be challenging for outdoor fitness franchise owners, so you may see a decline in numbers and your profits, especially during the winter. However, this could be the perfect opportunity for those looking to run a seasonal business, allowing you to focus on different projects for the rest of the year. Certain outdoor fitness franchises will allow you to run your business for only part of the year, so it is essential you choose the right franchise for your circumstances.

Mobile personal trainer franchises

If you are looking for flexibility and the ability to set your working hours, becoming a mobile personal trainer might be the perfect opportunity for you. Starting a mobile personal trainer franchise allows you the freedom to manage other commitments while still earning a lucrative income. There are, however, some downsides. You will need to be able to drive to visit clients at their homes and be able to make the most of the space they have available. Many franchises offer a company car, branded uniforms and have excellent marketing schemes in place to sell your services.

Sports therapy franchises

Fancy helping people with their wellness? As a physical therapist or massage therapist, you can carry out treatments on clients following injury, or before and after sporting events. You don’t need to have previous training; many franchises have very comprehensive training programs. A sports therapy franchise is well suited to those who have an interest in sports science, and who like working compassionately with the public. You may want to choose a franchise that has existing links to gyms, spas or sports clubs to help boost your regular business.

Yoga or pilates franchises

Yoga and pilates are more popular than ever before, so this is the perfect time to start your own franchise. These wellness activities can make for exciting franchise opportunities, with the chance to organise ‘retreats’ in the UK and overseas. Retreats are becoming increasingly popular and can provide an excellent source of additional income for your franchise. There are many types of yoga and pilates, so you may wish to do some research into what will be most popular with your target customer base.

Running or walking franchises

If you are looking to get out in the fresh air and build a community of like-minded people, a running or walking franchise could be the right choice for you. Walking clubs are a less strenuous option, but can be the most rewarding as they allow people of all fitness levels to participate and live an active life. Investors looking to start a running or walking franchise need to enjoy being around people and have a genuine interest in their members. When choosing a franchise, you may want to look for one with a welcoming culture – running clubs can be intimidating for new members. A friendly and inclusive club can maximise the number of new members and make sure they keep coming back. You can also generate additional income where a franchise has partnered sponsors, or where you can bring in local sponsors.

As you can see, there are many options for starting a fitness franchise, so we are sure you will find the perfect opportunity for you. If you are ready to start your fitness franchise, browse Franchise UK for fitness franchise opportunities today. We have some of the best fitness franchises in the UK, so start your search here.

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