Recent studies have shown that beauty and personal care product sales in the United Kingdom are now in excess of £4 Million. In fact, the British today outspend their French counterparts when it comes to buying beauty products. We British certainly love our beauty products and love to look good. After all, looking good also makes a person feel good about himself/herself.

Also, there is lots of innovation in the industry as a whole. From things like organic beauty products and DNA analysis to water-activated product range and personalized beauty regimes, something new is often on the horizon in the beauty sector. This makes it a very attractive sector for serial entrepreneurs and people looking to launch new businesses.

Franchising is an extremely popular method of starting a business in this country. The impact that franchising has on the British economy can hardly be overstated. Millions of pounds are pumped into it every year thanks to the myriad new franchises UK has today.

Apart from people looking to jump into entrepreneurship, experienced business professionals take a keen interest in franchising as well. It makes a lot of economic sense to expand an established business (that is profitable and successful) with the investment provided by a franchisee. This is how so many low cost franchise opportunities UK have sprung up all around the country.

On the whole, the beauty industry is a highly attractive place for franchisees to come in and run a business. Low entrance cost, high profitability, and lots of innovation make it a very appealing sector for entrepreneurs. In fact, the beauty industry is among those sectors that have the newest franchises in the UK has to offer. And the number is growing steadily.

If you plan to invest in a good franchise, then doing so in the beauty industry is a good choice. There are different types of franchises operating in the sector. These include home-based franchises, part-time franchises, van-based franchises, etc.

Chances are that you will find plenty of options when looking to acquire a franchise.

Here is the list of UK franchises to buy. We recommend going to one of the following:

1. Rush Hair

A highly competitive brand around the world, Rush Hair has more than 70 salons all around the UK. More than 16,000 customers walk into these branches every week. It is recognized by most high-end brands such as L’Oréal, REDKEN, and Kerastase Paris.

It has also partnered with many of these big names in the beauty industry. This enables Rush Hair to consistently make use of the best beauty products out there in the market and resultant provide top-notch service to customers.

The market is quite stable and the potential for earning is quite high. In addition, the average customer of Rush Hair is likely to come back after every 6 weeks or so. Their estimated yearly spending at Rush Hair is around £600. Team Rush Hair has also won over a dozen hairdressing awards in the UK. You will have complete access to them as a franchisee. All this makes Rush Hair a very good choice for franchise investment.

2. Guinot

Guinot is one of the leading suppliers of beauty products in the world. It has a large product range which includes facial beauty accessories, body care items, hair care products, and men’s care items.

A member of the British Franchise Association, Guinot provides the highest quality of products and beauty care services to all customers. A number of awards have been picked up by Team Guinot over the years including the “Best Anti-Ageing Supplier” at the 2017 Guild Awards.

Becoming a franchisee with Guinot has a number of advantages. The company runs a comprehensive training setup that is aimed at giving new franchisees all the right tools to manage the business. A lot of knowledge is imparted with regard to Guinot’s operations as well as about franchising a business, buying a franchise, pros and cons of franchising a business, etc. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of Guinot as a franchise owner, you will need to cough up around £85,000 or more. This is the minimum start-up cost while your minimum personal investment will be about 30% to 50% of the total money pooled in initially.

3. The Massage Company  

The Massage Company is quite unique in terms of the service that it offers. It is not yet as widespread as some of the other names on this list but that’s exactly what makes it appealing. Franchise consultants believe that The Massage Company can use its offering to tap into a readymade customer base and introduce a business model in the UK that has grown rapidly in North America during the last 15 years.

The vision is a pretty simple one. The Massage Company intends to bring top-notch massage services to the mainstream in the UK. Getting a high-quality massage on a regular basis can enhance both physical and mental health.

The Massage Company aims to make massage a regular part of the life of British people and something they consider as good value for their bucks. It wants to help people in the UK lead healthier and balanced lives. You will need to initially invest at least £100,000 if you want to be a part of The Massage Company’s journey.

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4. Diet Express

This is another fast-growing chain of small franchises that offers wonderful fitness and weight loss programs for men and women of all ages. All of its products are available for order online. As an investment opportunity, it is a segment that cannot fail.

Considering the fast pace of modern life and eating habits that continue to get poorer with time, such a franchise is unlikely to fail. Diet Express already has a loyal customer base which can be enhanced further. If you want to get in on the act, you will need around £75,000 to £85,000 in initial investment.

5. Jacks of London

Jacks of London is known for providing high-quality styling and hair care services for men. On the whole, the male grooming and personal care industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United Kingdom. They have been expanding quite rapidly and will continue to do so in the times to come.

It is a good option for a franchise investment. The company follows an excellent training plan for new franchisees to help them ease into the system. It has been in business for about 15 years now and plans to double its current number of outlets during the next few years. You will need to make an initial investment of around £80,000 to get started as a franchisee with them.   

These are some of the best beauty franchises for sale in the United Kingdom today.

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