With Brits famous around the world for the quality of their gardens, it’s no surprise that gardening in the UK is big business. According to recent research, the average Briton has spent £1,280 improving their garden in the past year alone. Collectively, that’s added up to a staggering £5.2 billion, showing just how much potential there is for profit in the industry.

A lot of this growth has been caused by homeowners choosing to improve rather than move. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the UK property market has caused many people to think twice about moving to a different property and, as a result, many have put more money into their existing home. And  by investing in their outside space, most Brits will be boosting the value in their property even further, with a well-maintained garden thought to add around 20% to the value of the average home.

As well as spending more on plants, ornaments and furnishings for their outside spaces, Brits are also increasingly happy to spend money on hiring gardeners to do much of the hard work for them. Whether it’s one-off landscaping jobs or ongoing maintenance, gardeners are finding they’re in demand across the country.

For franchises involved in the gardening industry, this increase in demand means that there are a lot of opportunities for growth. Many brands are currently looking for new investors and more and more entrepreneurs are considering gardening franchises for their next career move. If you’re one of them, keep reading to find out more about the various franchise opportunities available and the potential offered by the gardening industry.

What are the different types of gardening franchise

For those looking to invest in a gardening franchise, there are lots of types of business available to choose from. These cover a relatively wide variety of areas, skillsets and budgets, so there should be something available to suit all investors.

Garden maintenance

A large number of the franchises operating in the industry are involved with garden maintenance. In order for gardens to stay looking good they need regular care and attention. Lawns need to be mowed, borders weeded and plants pruned if an outside space is going to look its very best. As all these jobs take time, and with that being something many Brits lack, a lot of people choose to pay a company to maintain their garden for them.

One of the benefits of this type of franchise is that it relies on a loyal customer base. Once you’ve built your reputation and attracted your customers, you should find you have return business week after week, month after month and year after year. As long as the work you do is of a high standard, this should provide you with the business you need for the long term.

Lawn care franchises

An area of gardening that some franchises specialise in is lawn maintenance and renovation. While some lawns will only need a one-off visit from the gardening specialists, others will require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking good. A specialist lawn maintenance business will visit a property regularly throughout the year to treat the lawn and give it the TLC it needs to remain healthy.

Like general garden maintenance companies, specialist lawn care businesses rely on return trade. However, by focusing on a specific market niche they’re able to attract a specific audience and build a reputation as experts in their field. This can go a long way to improving brand awareness and word-of-mouth advertising.

Landscaping franchises

Gardening franchises that are involved with landscaping often work on short, one-off jobs. Clients will generally get in touch to ask a company to completely renovate part, or all, of their garden, with money paid at the completion of the job. This makes them a very different type of business to franchises that work in garden maintenance. As a continuous stream of new clients is necessary for the business to survive, the franchisee may find that they have to put a lot of work into marketing and brand awareness. However, the jobs that do come in are likely to be much more lucrative than general maintenance work and so entrepreneurs may find there’s more potential for profit.

Garden clearance franchises

When buyers purchase a new property or renovate an unloved garden, there is often a lot of debris that needs to be dealt with. Garden clearance companies specialise in moving garden waste and dealing with it in a responsible manner. As these businesses are generally dealing with a lot of waste, franchisees will often find they need to invest in a van or truck to move the material from place to place. This added investment can increase the cost of starting a franchise.

Garden infrastructure

As well as dealing with the flowers, trees and grass that make up a garden, there are also franchises that deal with the infrastructure of the space. Fencing, patios and other permanent features often need replacing or updating and, more often than not, homeowners turn to professionals to take care of the work.

If a business is making or bulk-buying their materials, the franchisee will probably need to hire some sort of commercial space to provide the required storage. This can increase start-up and running costs and is something that potential investors need to consider.

Retail franchises

Another option for entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the gardening industry is retail. There are an estimated 2,300 garden centres and nurseries in the UK and Brits spend approximately £1.5bn on plants for their gardens every year. On top of the potential revenue from plant sales, many garden centres also incorporate cafes and kids’ areas, something that can further increase the potential for profit.

In general, a retail franchise will be the most expensive type of business to set up. Franchisees will need to hire or buy suitable premises, purchase stock and employ a team of staff, all things that cost money. However, with Brits’ obsession with gardening showing no signs of waning, an investment in a garden centre or nursery could pay dividends.

Why choose a gardening franchise?

For any entrepreneurs interested in gardening and outdoor work, a franchise offers the chance to get into the industry without starting from scratch. As with any type of business, customers will look for brands they recognise and businesses with good reputations. The marketing work that’s already been carried out by the franchise will help to give the investor a head start and give them the resources they need to attract customers from day one.

What qualifications are required to start a gardening franchise?

In most cases, you won’t need any specific qualifications to invest in gardening franchises, but experience in the area will come in useful. The franchise you invest in will provide you with detailed instructions on how to operate your services and run your business, but if you have an interest in gardening and an aptitude for all things green you’ll find growing the business a lot easier.

To find out more about the gardening franchises currently available or for more information on franchises in general, take a look around our site today.

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