What are the Health benefits of Artificial Grass

Trulawn franchise specialises in artificial grass installation. Here are the benefits of artificial grassTrulawn Leaf Woman

Reduces allergies

Converting a lawn to artificial grass removes the production of pollen in the area and reduces the symptoms of hay fever and asthma.
And don’t forget – it’s not just humans that are allergic! Pets can also experience various types of allergic reactions to natural grass pollens, lawn chemicals and products.

No Fertilisers or Pesticides

Lawn maintenance may require using harmful pesticides and herbicides that filter through the soil and drain into the waterways or, if the soil has poor drainage, create unpleasant run-off which can harm plants and wildlife, pollute, and pose potential health threats to people. Artificial grass needs no chemicals to keep it looking luscious and green.

Improves Lifestyle

Many people who install Trulawn Artificial Grass do so to improve their lifestyle. It is particularly beneficial for our elderly or impaired customers who physically can’t cope with the manual duty of mowing, watering and general maintenance of a natural lawn. Their artificial grass is ready for them to enjoy at leisure.
Also, in autumn and winter when a natural grass lawn may be sodden with mud and water for much of the season, artificial grass makes venturing out of the house without going too far an accessible option.

Reduced Carbon Emission

Man-made CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by a third since the pre-industrial era. Petrol lawn mowers are very inefficient. In one summer, they may produce as much as 56 Kilograms of greenhouse gas. That’s a lot! Its estimated running some lawnmowers for one hour can cause as much pollution as driving a new car 550 km. However, your artificial grass won’t need a lawnmower, helping you reduce the human CO2.

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