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WOW - Weight Off Workshops Franchise specialising in helping people to lose weight.

Finance:Yes, through a third party
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United Kingdom

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Having operating within the industry since 2001, WOW was established in 2005, with its headquarters based in the West Midlands. All clients go through a specialised WOW programme, which includes health and lifestyle assessments, improved health and wellbeing, and maintenance of good health and weight control.

WOW consultants provide clients with recommendations of how to improve their health based on answers to a personal health and lifestyle questionnaire. Consultants will then develop a tailored plan made of small, yet significant changes designed to improve the client’s health.

Weekly workshops allows WOW to provide clients focused topics and talks combining shared information which will build the clients knowledge on nutrition and good habits to sustain for life. Alongside workshops, clients will also have one-on-one sessions with bespoke weekly programmes.

Once the desired weight & optimum health has been achieved, the business works with the client to maintain a healthy weight via a maintenance plan with the goal of maintaining a healthy weight and stopping weight loss.

WOW also offers ongoing support, allowing clients to attend classes within their chosen weight range. Clients can attend classes as little or as often as they choose for reminders and ongoing support,

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Fitness Franchises

According to research published by Statista the UK market size of the wellness & fitness segment has been growing steadily & is estimated to reach £22bn by 2020. When broken down by category, the greatest increases are to be made in alternative medicine, sports equipment &  weight loss, which made up the majority of the market in past years, along with gym memberships. The growth of the market is also reflected in the number of sports and fitness occupations held in the UK, which also show a steady increase in years past. The majority of employees in the sport activities sector are between 25 and 54 years old, with slightly more men than women working in the sector.

This has also given rise to more fitness and well being franchises including franchises of gyms, workout classes, children fitness classed, weight loss group & classes. With the UK government stating that unless we change our habits that more people will become obese the need and it would seem demand for more of this type of franchise is sure to increase and become an even more potentially lucrative market.

Developing a “fit” and healthy business takes time, hard work and dedication. Also as with any business purchase or franchise get professional help & advice and know what your commitment is before you invest.

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