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We help Franchisors generate another income stream through Print Point of sale and Stock ordering.

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United Kingdom


We help Franchisors generate another income stream through Print Point of sale and Stock ordering.

We build bespoke branded online ordering solutions so help Both Franchisor and Franchise. A Branded online portal is built using the latest in storefront Technology making ordering print easy and tailored. The franchisee can order what is need for their business anything from a business cards and a leaflet through to Point of sale and fixed stock items.

Goods can be printed on demand or Stock items can be held at our warehouse and ordered on a pick and pack basis.

The services is tailor made with the both Franchise and Franchisor in mind. It insures that the Franchise can order what ever they want with ease and no fuss ensuring items are delivered onetime and with one supplier. Giving them consistent quality and cost savings.

For the Franchisor: Having an online portal gives brand protecting a very important part of any franchise business. It Allows the Owner to have another revenue stream by earning a percentage of all products sold via the Portal . It allows the owner to track what is being ordered and can give vital information on what the Franchises are ordering which can be essential in Company growth.

Why Use an Online Ordering system and not let them order there own goods and Print?

By allowing the Franchise to order what they want from who they want can effect growth of any Franchisor. Brand Protecting is one of the most important things with any Franchise business. Take Mc Donald’s for Example: What would happen if each Store was allowed to order there print or napkins or straws from different Suppliers?

You would have many things happen.

  1. The supply chain may break causing some stores to run out of Goods?
  2. The Brand consistency may look different i.e. Wrong colours or inconsistency with materials.
  3. Mc Donald’s  would not be able to keep track on what is being used by the stores. So offers and marketing material may bot be used effecting the stores performance and growth.
  4. Mc Donalds would loos a large percentage of revenue.
  5. They would not have the same Supplier Buying power. Keeping with one suppliers means they would benefit from larger order and keep costs down.

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