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Management Franchises

Management Franchises remain to top choice amongst white collar franchise seekers. With business consultancy services estimated to be worth £7bn to the UK economy. Many companies chose to employ franchised business consultants in order to reduce costs and improve their businesses operations.

This can be both enjoyable and a lucrative area of business. Working as a management consultant is considered by many to be a professional role, if you have a passion for business and are brimming with enthusiasm, the training programmes that many management franchise can provide you with the right skills, techniques and on-going support required for you to operate your franchise.

A management franchise can also offer a good life work balance, with consultancy hours mainly being set around traditional office hours, a management franchise could be the solution for more leisure time and is ideal for people who enjoy business and have a desire to inspire other local businesses to thrive.

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Low Cost Franchises

So what is a low cost franchise? Well I suppose everyone will have a different definition of what they think a low cost opportunity is but for these purposes we will use an investment level of £15,000 or less as the guide price for a low cost franchise.

So does low cost therefore mean low earnings or profit? No, some low or even no upfront investment franchise or business opportunities can represent very high earnings potential. So why would a franchise business sell it a low cost even if the earnings potential was high? Well the initial franchise is generally determined by the cost to set-up which includes training, equipment, product and premises not the actual earnings potential. Sure sometimes with a recognized brand just the area alone will have a impact on the price as the largest the franchise area or territory, the more business will be obtained. That said that’s generally not the case for less known brands or new brands and if a franchise requires a lot of franchisees to provide national coverage and set-up costs are quite low then many will have an initial fee of under £15,000 to try to recruit as many franchisees as quickly as possible to grow their brand and provide a better service to their customers.

Some of the low cost franchises for sale under £15,000 include product distribution, pet related, children fitness and swimming, travel agency and even financial and business advice franchises so there is a huge choice of opportunity even if you are seeking a lower initial investment. The main thing to consider if the “overall” investment, just because a franchise has a low initial fee doesnt mean you won’t need to invest additional funds so when choosing a low cost franchise opportunity make sure you find out about all costs involved before you invest and as always seek professional advice.

Just because a franchise investment is low cost doesnt mean you should not carry out thorough research before you make any commitment. Regardless of initial investment check out the business and seek professional advice.

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Cleaning Franchises

The domestic cleaning industry alone in the UK is worth over £4.7 billion according to the Office of National Statistics. Commercial cleaning according to Facilities Management Journal ( FMJ ) the contract cleaning sector is set to grow by £100 million and the total contract cleaning market to rise by £500 million . The cleaning sector and therefore cleaning franchise businesses represents a great potential investment as the commercial sector grow and increase in older people in our communities will mean more people will seek the assistance from local companies to provide domestic cleaning to enable them to remain in their homes.

A cleaning franchise is usually what is called a white collar franchise. That is that the franchisee, the business owner tends not to actually carry out the physical cleaning but manage staff and the overall business including potentially new customer acquisition and general day to day management duties. Because of this management style and that most franchises provide such thorough operational training & support many successful franchisees have  come from management backgrounds from completely different industries.

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Welcome to the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Who are the Utility Warehouse?

The Utility Warehouse is the trading name of Telecom plus PLC., a FTSE 250 Company . They provide a range of essential everyday services to homes and businesses across the UK. Their mission is simple: to save their customers money and to be the utility supplier you can trust.

Since its beginning in 1996, Telecom plus has grown from just an idea into one of the largest and most successful companies listed on the London Stock Exchange., with over 600,000 members taking  2.3 million services .

This phenomenal growth has been achieved by word of mouth referral marketing. The Company receives numerous independent endorsements and is regularly the Which consumer magazine's recommended supplier.

Utility Warehouse has as their ambassador one of the UK's best known and most trusted celebrities Joanna Lumley - she has made a short film that explains all the benefits of Utility Warehouse.

However, they believe that what they have achieved so far is just the beginning for the company.

The question is: Would you like to share in their future success?

The management team is headed by Charles Wigoder, a successful and well respected entrepreneur. Before joining Telecom plus he founded Peoples Phone in 1988, building it into the UK's first virtual mobile network, with over 400,000 customers and 10% of the UK market.

Charles believes the Utility Warehouse is in the right place to experience substantial growth over the next few years. They have recently bought a new headquarters building to accommodate the increase in staff and to manage this growth. This demonstrates the confidence they have in the future of the business.

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club guarantees that new members will save money when they switch their services to them, or they'll give them back 'Double the Difference'.

This unique Price Promise means Members can benefit from the UK's best value:

  • Home Phone
  • Mobile
  • Home Phone & Broadband bundles
  • Standard Gas
  • Standard Electricity (including Economy 7)
  • Home insurance

Other member benefits include free LED light bulbs and free installation, which leads to even lower electric bills.

By using their Utility Warehouse Discount Club Cashback Card with their High Street and Online Retail partners, Members typically save a further 25% of their monthly bill. As a Business Partner, you can earn commission on Cashback generated by your customers' online purchases when using the Utility Warehouse Discount Club's exclusive 'Find Me The Cheapest' search engine. Customers also benefit from substantial savings through the gourmet society card.

Be Part of Their Success

Earn an income which could change your life... by becoming a Business Partner, gathering your own personal customers and introducing new Business Partners into the business as well.

The registration fee is £100 (including VAT).

Gather 3 qualifying customers with the help of a personal Mentor within 30 days and you will qualify to earn a Starter Bonus of £100.

Plus, you can earn bonuses of more than £1,000 working part-time in your first 60 days – please ask for details.

Franchise Consultants

The Ideal Business

  • No stock to buy or hold
  • Work from home
  • No staff
  • The company bills your members directly
  • Part-time, full-time, anytime for ANYBODY
  • Your business is a willable asset
  • No experience necessary – full training provided – FREE
  • Range of incentives for businesses

How You Earn

As a Business Partner you can earn a Customer Gathering Bonus of up to £50 for every new customer .Ongoing bonuses choose either a regular monthly income based on how much your customers spend on the services the Utility Warehouse provides OR bring these monthly payments forward and receive up to an extra £300 per member who takes the services.

Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating, or surf the net... you get paid!

And you don't just earn money from your personal customers. You can introduce other Business Partners and earn commission on what their customers spend too. As they follow your example and build their own successful business, you can gain promotion and earn an increasing share in their success. You get paid on your team's customers too . In other words, similar to receiving a royalty income as would an author or song writer.

You can earn substantial bonuses as your team grows.

  • Achievement Bonuses (up to £38,500)*
  • Team Building Bonuses (up to £300 for each new Business Partner you introduce)*

This is the power of duplication. Anyone who wants to earn some money and has drive and enthusiasm can become successful with the Utility Warehouse. The residual income you build will continue to be paid as long as your customers continue to use their services, which could be long after you have stopped building your business.
*Charges, terms and conditions apply.

  • Distributor car plan available.
  • Holiday promotions - these have included all-expenses-paid luxury holidays.
  • Share option promotions - are run from time to time.

Training and Support

The unique support and training programme provided by the Utility Warehouse includes online training as well as friendly classroom-style training sessions, and a comprehensive package of manuals and marketing materials. It provides everything you need to start building your own successful business.

Training is provided free of charge at over 40 venues throughout the country and you can attend as often as you like. A fully maintained website. Head office and continuing support from colleagues.

The more successful and prosperous you become, the greater the company’s success! So they do everything they can to help you succeed.

Next Steps

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