£6,000 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Telecoms management franchise opportunities with full training and ongoing support

Finance:Yes through a 3rd party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Telcoinabox

United Kingdom

Phone Number:

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Telcoinabox telecoms franchises UK

Telcoinabox is the pioneer of franchising in the Telecoms industry. Now operating in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, over the last 10 years we have helped almost 200 individuals, businesses and organisations to become their own Telecoms service providers.

With collective annual revenues of over £50m globally, Telcoinabox provides a unique and proven business model to entrepreneurs looking to take part in the fast growth Telecoms industry. With just a phone, computer and internet connection, you can now be your own Telecoms service provider, offering the complete range of telecoms services that businesses and consumers use more and more of every day.

•Monthly recurring revenue – just like the giant phone networks enjoy themselves
•Proven business model operating for more than 10 years
•Providing the products people need and use everyday
•Great work/life balance – work from home or office
•Earning potential of £50,000+ within 2 years – based on adding only 6 small business customers per month
•Multiple ways to increase profitability via 6 different products
•No stock or retail presence required
•No previous Telecoms experience required
•A model that allows you to truly differentiate via better quality service
•Over 200 telecoms service providers created worldwide

Investment Fee Options

Option A

£6000 initial payment

3 subsequent payments tied to performance

Total Investment Fee = £14,500 (ex VAT)

Option B

£10,000 initial payment

Total Investment Fee = £10,000 (ex VAT)

Telcoinabox – A Proven Business Model

Telcoinabox has been successfully enabling both individuals and existing businesses to run their own successful Telecoms businesses since 2003. A business so successful in Australia, it was awarded the #1 fastest growing franchise system in 2008 and has been in the top 20 ever since.

Based on a unique business model, Telcoinabox has developed a successful business that allows any individuals to offer their own branded mobile, landline, broadband and next generation services to customers throughout the UK, without the need for any for previous experience in the Telecoms industry. All products are on trusted networks such as BT/Openreach, Vodafone, O2, and TalkTalk Business which ensures the quality of products delivered to your customers are second to none.

Our model allows you to compete successfully, providing these much needed products and services to the often neglected SME sector. The Telecommunications industry is a growing one, despite a recession, as businesses continue to communicate and due to the explosion of data usage, ie the internet, this is poised to continue for some time to come. In the last 10 years we have enabled 200 individuals and companies to run their own Telecoms businesses by using our proven framework which has now seen their collective turnover grow to more than £50million per annum.

What does Telcoinabox do?

Put simply, we allow anyone to operate as their own Telecoms provider, offering a complete range of telecoms services, eg mobiles, landlines, broadband. Telcoinabox has spent 10 years perfecting the ‘back office’ services that we provide to you and your customers, enabling you to solely focus on the sales and marketing aspect of the business.

We manage the relationships with the networks, take care of billing, process the payments and the customer service, all whilst still working closely with you on sales and marketing best practices. Telcoinabox is 100% invisible to the end customer, allowing you to run your own brand at all times, and enabling you to target the entire UK with your products and services.

How big is the opportunity?

How many people or businesses do you know that use their mobile or broadband connection each day? This business opportunity really can be as big as you want it to be and with 4million+ SME businesses in the UK, the market has a great deal of potential. Like all things, it takes hard work, but the rewards are genuine and a return on investment is more than achievable within the first year.

The opportunity provides you with recurring revenue, and that is one of the key reasons behind telecoms being such a lucrative industry. Just like you sign a contract for your mobile and pay it every month, our business model sees you signing businesses up for 12, 24 or 36 months and then generating profit every month for that single sale.

How much could I expect to earn?

As an example, by switching just 6 average sized businesses customers’ landline services per month, you could expect to earn over £50,000 in Year 2, and this is after any Telcoinabox costs have been deducted. This projected earning doesn’t include customers who also take mobile, or broadband or in fact any of the other telecoms products Telcoinabox provides, which will significantly increase your income.

The size of the opportunity depends on your own personal drive and ability, and there is certainly no limit to the earning potential. As part of your due diligence process with Telcoinabox, we provide you with several business modelling tools that allow you to ‘stress test’ these numbers and get a feel for whether this business model can deliver on your financial goals.

Who is this suited to?

Individuals who are-:
•Passionate, confident, self starter individuals who enjoy sales and meeting new people
•Looking to be their own boss but with the support of a global business with a great track record
•Interested in actually achieving the ever important work life balance so many people try to obtain
•Looking to build a sustainable and profitable business asset with huge potential

Businesses or organisations who are-:
•Interested in adding new revenue streams
•Looking to increase customer loyalty with the introduction of multiple products
•Interested in leveraging their current cost of customer acquisition

What’s in the box?

•Wholesale access to mobile, fixed wire, broadband, VOIP & Inbound products on Tier 1 carriers
•Fully furnished website in your brand with product info, contracts and customer portal
•Print ready brand kit – business cards, letterheads & compliment slips
•End customer product e-brochures in your brand
•World class business management system set with your brand to access wholesale product and services : ordering, billing, payments, tickets & CRM
•Detailed business manual and online knowledgebase with over 4000 articles;
•Strategic business planning tools
•Set up of professional inbound company number with announcements
•24/7 UK based Technical support for your customers (under your brand)
•Unlimited access to UK based support teams for your business including technical, commercial, financial, product marketing and account management
•In-depth training including 4 days in London office, bi monthly refresher courses, monthly online training webinars, ad hoc training as and when needed.
•A wealth of experience from a team who have helped set up over 200 telecoms providers to date

Next Step

Simply fill in the enquiry form for more information. Should our information pack be of further interest to you Telcoinabox will be happy to take you through our business exploration process with no obligation, naturally. This process allows you to ‘get under the bonnet’ of our business to gain a full understanding of:

•How you make money
•How you can compete
•How are some of our existing individuals and businesses performing
•What does a ‘day in the life’ of a telecoms provider look like
•Is this a business that is suited to you

To find out more about this exciting opportunity complete the enquiry form below;

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