Start Up Edge – Digital Marketing Franchise


Start Up Edge – Digital Marketing Franchise


Franchise Description :

Digital Marketing Franchise - Website design, SEO, PPC, Directory advertising

Franchise:Digital Marketing Franchises
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Joel Bissitt

2 Bromley Road
East Sussex
BN25 3ES

Phone Number:0203 6374569
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Product Description

Digital Marketing Franchises

Get your share of a £60bn a year market for just £1,995!

Last year the UK spent over £60bn online. Run you own digital marketing agency from home with our support for just £1,995 and you have the potential to generate a substantial income working full or part-time from your home.

About us

Start Up Edge are a digital marketing franchise, and we supply online marketing solutions to help small businesses & new business start ups improve their online presence & generate sales. logo2Our partners

We are partners of, a Google Premier SMB Partner and Nasdaq listed digital marketing giant plus other partners to provide you with great value products, support & sales leads to get you new online marketing business off to a great start!

Earnings potential

Our products are specifically tailored to small businesses & provide you with multiple revenue streams so you can really grow your business. The beauty of the business is that although you make commission on each sale every product generates you an ongoing passive revenue stream so you can build a substantial revenue stream.

Investment & package

For a one off investment of just £1,995 plus £199 per month you will receive;

  • Full product training
  • Your own website – Not just a brochure site, much more!
  • Free sales leads
  • Launch support

Who would be ideal for our business?

You don’t need digital marketing experience as full product training & support is provided and we deliver all the products, services and billing. We are seeking people with a passion to support small businesses. If you are confident, a good communicator & like to control your own time & destiny this could be ideal for you.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be an internet expert? No. We supply all products leaving you free to grow your business

What about billing? We bill the clients. You have no risk & only have to raise one invoice per month!

Can I run this part-time? Absolutely. You can work the hours that suit you.

Can I run this alongside my existing business? Yes. It’s also a perfect bolt on service for consultants that already work with small businesses.

Can I work from home? Home, coffee shop, the beach all you need is a laptop and a phone!

Start Up Edge Marketing Franchise Enquiry Form

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We are currently seeking to recruit in the following areas;

Yorkshire, Devon, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Dorset, Suffolk, Worcetershire, Shropshire, Merseyside, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Somerset, Leeds, Bedfordshire, Cumbria, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Herefordshire, West Midlands, Tyne and Wear, Northamptonshire, Manchester, Middlesex, Surrey, Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Cambridgeshire, Brighton, Warwickshire, Lancashire, West Sussex & East Sussex.


Management Franchises

Management Franchises remain to top choice amongst white collar franchise seekers. With business consultancy services estimated to be worth £7bn to the UK economy. Many companies chose to employ franchised business consultants in order to reduce costs and improve their businesses operations.

This can be both enjoyable and a lucrative area of business. Working as a management consultant is considered by many to be a professional role, if you have a passion for business and are brimming with enthusiasm, the training programmes that many management franchise can provide you with the right skills, techniques and on-going support required for you to operate your franchise.

A management franchise can also offer a good life work balance, with consultancy hours mainly being set around traditional office hours, a management franchise could be the solution for more leisure time and is ideal for people who enjoy business and have a desire to inspire other local businesses to thrive.

Low Cost Franchises

So what is a low cost franchise? Well I suppose everyone will have a different definition of what they think a low cost opportunity is but for these purposes we will use an investment level of £15,000 or less as the guide price for a low cost franchise.

So does low cost therefore mean low earnings or profit? No, some low or even no upfront investment franchise or business opportunities can represent very high earnings potential. So why would a franchise business sell it a low cost even if the earnings potential was high? Well the initial franchise is generally determined by the cost to set-up which includes training, equipment, product and premises not the actual earnings potential. Sure sometimes with a recognized brand just the area alone will have a impact on the price as the largest the franchise area or territory, the more business will be obtained. That said that’s generally not the case for less known brands or new brands and if a franchise requires a lot of franchisees to provide national coverage and set-up costs are quite low then many will have an initial fee of under £15,000 to try to recruit as many franchisees as quickly as possible to grow their brand and provide a better service to their customers.

Some of the low cost franchises for sale under £15,000 include product distribution, pet related, children fitness and swimming, travel agency and even financial and business advice franchises so there is a huge choice of opportunity even if you are seeking a lower initial investment. The main thing to consider if the “overall” investment, just because a franchise has a low initial fee doesnt mean you won’t need to invest additional funds so when choosing a low cost franchise opportunity make sure you find out about all costs involved before you invest and as always seek professional advice.

Just because a franchise investment is low cost doesnt mean you should not carry out thorough research before you make any commitment. Regardless of initial investment check out the business and seek professional advice.

Computer Related Franchises

According to Statista the UK computing market had positive performance again according to a 2017 report. In the UK computer & telecommunications retail sales were at £367 million in the month of August 2016. Regarding the willingness to buy a new computing device, the share of UK consumers intending to buy a laptop was higher among younger generations, with 19 percent of individuals aged between 18 and 24 years interested in buying in the next twelve months compared to 13 percent of respondents between 35 and 44 years of age.

There is also a trend to keep existing equipment and repair. Partially because of costs but also because with the huge use of software including apps, games and other software its hassle when you change devices, not to mention a lot of time which is why there is a growing market for both computing equipment retail and computer repair franchises. These franchises include computer retail, computer retail, mobile phone, gaming equipment retail and provision of local technical support for small businesses.

Business Advice & Consultancy Franchises

According to Consultancy United Kingdom the UK management consultancy industry was worth £9bn to the UK economy in 2017, a growth of over 5% from the previous year. This is therefore a huge value to the UK economy and represents and substantial potential opportunity for anyone seeking to set-up a new business in this sector via franchising.

Some business advice and consultancy franchises that are available include B2B consultancy, cost reduction, leadership, business coaching, business training, accountancy & tax and general business advice franchises

These sorts of franchises generally require someone to have some sort of managerial background although yo do not always need professional qualifications as all franchises provide full training and support for new incoming franchisees. This sort of business is also not always but generally a work from home business which is ideal for anyone seeking to travel less to and from work and create a better work and life balance, especially ideal if you have a family.