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Red Rock Entertainment is a film finance company, based at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, home to some of the biggest TV shows on British television and the studio of choice for many successful British films. Working in conjunction with a number of UK production companies to raise equity for film, TV programmes and film distribution, Red Rock Entertainment offer a number of tax efficient investment opportunities.

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About Red Rock Entertainment

The production and distribution companies hire us as executive producers to finance their projects. We always have a number of SEIS, EIS, Equity and Distribution film or TV investment opportunities available.

Our sole focus is on our products as an investment opportunity, and we ensure that we work alongside the directors and producers to make sure that our projects stay within their financial budget and timeline. All monies paid by investors are sent directly to the UK production company ot their appointment representatives.

We can arrange for our investors to visit the sets during film, appear as extras, and attend private screenings. We also arrange film investment seminars here at Elstree with guest speakers from the different film companies, along with qualified accountants who can discuss the various tax advantages of investing in the film industry.


Our Current Film Investments Opportunities

Ria (Jess Impiazzi) is a young woman who finds herself reliving the same day over and over. Each day Ria wakes up to her normal routine but finds a different person playing her husband ‘Jack’ by her side. Why? Because Ria is actually the star of her own reality show A DAY WITH RIA’.
Each husband is a contestant, there to show the world what they are made of. Ria re-lives her perfect 1950’s housewife day over and over again, until one day her routine becomes tiresome and Ria holds the current Jack (Charlie Clapham) to ransom. 
This Jack also happens to be the Vice President (Dean Cain) of the USA’s son. These dramatic turns of events mean the public discover the true massive conspiracy behind Ria, her husband(s) and one man’s (luke Goss) secret vendetta against the Vice President.
Ria Film
Laureate New Poster
The Laureate is the true story of Robert Graves, the globally renowned author and icon of the bohemian 20’s was married when he began an intense and torrid love affair with writer and muse Laura Riding. This led to a menage-á-trois between the married couple and a new collaborator. The arrangement was further complicated with the arrival of handsome Irish poet Geoffrey Phibbs.
Tensions and rivalries reached boiling point, and culminates in Graves being charged with attempted murder. In the style of The Postman Always Rings Twice, Henry and June, and The Last Tango in Paris, The Laureate is a passionate and unflinching tale of sexual awakening, obsession, and jealousy, set during the life of one of the 20th Century’s most admired writers.
Boats N’ Bikes the show is best described as factual entertainment and is full of fun and adventure, with glamorous presenters, stunning locations across the USA and Cuba with great music and fascinating people. There is a liberal sprinkling of comedy zingers throughout! Award winning film director, Sebastian Lyte takes the audience deep into the fabric of the boating and motorcycling community and brings to the screen, a true insight into this fascinating world. Our standout presenters, Joshua Kloss, Jessica Harbour, Adam Brudnicki and Otmara Marrero travel across the USA and Cuba on ultra cool motorcycles, having all sorts of adventures, reviewing standout yachts and motorcycles, going big game fishing, diving deep into the ocean and working with the US Coast Guard. This warm and likeable series has the added excitement of our guys riding out with the San Diego Laughin’ Devils, the Iron Warriors and the Chrome Knights in Florida and meeting up and riding with the legendary Harlistas in Cuba.
Exquisitely shot in true 4K, Boats N Bikes is a breath of fresh air, telling real stories about real people, beautifully. Join us for the adventure!
Boats N Bikes

Louisa, An Amazing Adventure, the animated film shows a simplified, fictionalised, story, concentrating upon the central characters. The true history is, however, just as interesting, and thoroughly epic in nature.

In 1899 a sailing ship, the Forrest Hall, was in danger off the northern coast of Exmoor, England. It had left Bristol on the 12th of January on a journey to Liverpool where it was to be refitted.There was only a skeleton crew including apprentices on board. A tug boat, the Jane Joliffe, was towing the ship as the worst storm of the year was beginning to batter the coast. The line from the tug snapped, causing the two vessels to collide. he crew were away from their families for forty hours during the journey and rescue. The rescue itself was fairly straightforward, a task the crew were used to performing. The journey across Exmoor, though, was an epic adventure.

Some of our Past Film Projects

Past Film Projects

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