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Panda Fluff Franchise

Franchise Description :

A Panda Fluff franchise gives you the opportunity to enter this highly profitable and growing sector worth £1.54bn to the UK economy

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes

Part-Time Scalable Business With £100K+ Earnings Potential!


Vending Industry Overview

The UK vending industry has an annual turnover of £1.54bn. It is an industry employing 24,500 people directly in the UK ( source: Automatic Vending Association ). Our franchise gives you the opportunity to enter this highly profitable sector with our unique & extremely popular product.

Consumer Experience

Our machines are not just vending units, they provide a consumer experience. Each candy floss is personalised, the consumer can create different shapes & flavours. Since the COVID-19 pandemic more retailers realise to draw footfall they need to provide an experience to consumers. We have seen a massive rise in experienced based shopping including bars with multiple sports, VR & even axe throwing!

Your Role
This is a perfect part-time business. We help you every step of the way. Once we have helped you site the machines you just need to maintain them. This takes around an hour or so per week, per machine. You can run the business alongside another business, job or family commitments.
Earnings Potential
Number of MachinesEarnings Potential
5 Machines£42,552
10 Machines£92,003
15 Machines£141,454
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