Order Tiger Food Delivery Franchise

Franchise Description :

Run your own Just Eat style online food ordering & delivery company tailored to your local area using our proven digital franchise model and earn £80,000+ in your first year.

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes

Start Your Own Local Online Food Ordering Company


Create a thriving online food ordering and delivery business in your town or city. Our innovative digital franchise model, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched support will help you establish a platform that competes with industry giants like Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. Seize the opportunity to own a slice of the profitable online food ordering industry with minimal investment. Earn over £80k in order-commissions during your first year.

Starting a physical restaurant franchise is costly

Building a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant franchise can require an average investment of around £150,000*. Our digital franchise offers a more affordable entry point at just £7,000.

*Average investment (Franchise Local)

Earn similar profits without the stress of a physical store

Despite the lower initial cost, our digital franchise offers substantial profit potential. Earn approximately £80k+ per year, similar to owning a physical restaurant franchise*, but with significantly less risk and stress.

*Average earnings (Franchise UK)

A proven, lucrative digital franchise model

Starting an online food ordering franchise comes with a proven track record of success. Our franchise locations have achieved average monthly profits of £7,432*, demonstrating the profitability of this business opportunity. 

The earning potential is limitless, with our top franchise partner earning up to £230,000 per year.

*Please note that individual results may vary significantly, and it’s important to consider this while evaluating overall performance.

What qualities are we looking for in our potential franchisees?

We are seeking driven individuals to bring the convenience of online food ordering to their local communities. The ideal candidates should possess the following characteristics:

Comfortable in face-to-face sales

Strong work ethic

Value-oriented mindset


What does the Order Tiger franchise package include?

Our comprehensive franchise package equips you with all the necessary tools to launch and operate your own online marketplace within just three weeks

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Custom-branded ordering apps for both iOS and Android platforms

Personalised ordering website with unique design

Online dashboard and order manager app for restaurant partner management

Dedicated customer support team 

Extensive marketing support, both online and offline

Print marketing collateral tailored to your business

One-on-one training sessions

Unparalleled Support

Our commitment to your success extends to providing top-notch support services to handle every aspect of your business operations. By obtaining our licence, you gain access to our UK-based customer support team, available around the clock. They will be there to assist you, your customers, and your restaurant partners, eliminating the need for hiring additional staff and allowing you to concentrate on business growth. Here’s an overview of the support we offer:

Customer support services

Menu uploads and updates

Constant order monitoring

Technology assistance

Administrative and legal support

Marketing support and guidance


The Marketing

Our innovative marketing support offers a wide array of digital, social, physical, and print marketing materials that have been proven to attract users and generate orders. 

With our skilled in-house marketing team handling all paid social media and Google advertising campaigns, you can expect maximum reach and visibility. 

Additionally, we provide you with top-quality print marketing collateral and all the necessary tools to surpass market leaders in terms of order volume.

The Training

Your dedicated franchise success manager will personally train you in successfully signing up new restaurants and boosting customer orders. 

Rest assured, our goals align with yours – the more restaurants we help you bring on board, the more customers you attract, resulting in increased orders and prosperity for all.

The Technology

At Order Tiger, our online ordering systems offer a distinct advantage. Developed and refined over years, our systems ensure reliability and an exceptional ordering experience for your customers, enabling you to compete with industry leaders.


A Solid Foundation

Our practical experience and profound understanding of the effectiveness of this business model stem from our extensive collaboration with over 210 marketplaces and a network of more than 4,700 restaurants. Through these partnerships, we have gained invaluable insights into the technological, software, and business aspects. 

In our early days, we ventured into different strategies, some yielding great results while others falling short. Leveraging this wealth of experience, we now offer you a one-of-a-kind digital business franchise model ready for deployment. This model integrates localised best practices, guaranteeing its distinctiveness and efficacy.

Territorial Rights

Secure exclusive territorial rights to our cutting-edge technology in your local area, guaranteeing unrivalled software. Together, we will create a distinctive brand customised specifically for your town or city.

The Benefits of Owning an Order Tiger Digital Franchise:

High earning potential with a low-cost investment

Minimal overheads, maximum profits

Proven technology developed over 8+ years

Comprehensive support and training provided

No need to hire staff or rent office space

Be your own boss and enjoy a flexible schedule

Eventually work from anywhere you desire

Exclusive territorial rights for your success

Less risk than opening a physical location

Less stress than running a physical store

Tried, tested, and proven business model

Trusted by 220 marketplaces & 4,700+ restaurants


Bring Online Food Ordering to Your Hometown!

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