Little House Of Science

£18,300 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Little House Of Science Children's Education Franchise

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Little House Of Science

United Kingdom

Phone Number:

+44800-0921XXXClick number to show


Science is an essential part of the curriculum but it can also be dry and uninteresting which turns children off despite their natural curiosity. Little House of Science was created to combat this issue and it has been running successfully since 2014. Thousands of children each year find the fun and excitement that science can offer through this innovative way of teaching.

Little House of Science works in the STEM method so is ideal for backing up and enhancing what has already been taught (or what will be taught) at school.

The aim of Little House of Science is to work with a child’s natural curiosity which should make learning fun. It is done in a project-based way so there is no need to sit in a classroom learning by rote; Little House of Science is extremely hands on and encourages children to work things out for themselves. Just some of the topics taught include how plants breathe, the universe and its galaxies, the life of bees and ants, bridges and much more. As long as it teaches children something about their own world so that it is relatable, it is part of the Little House of Science.

Free trials are offered to begin with so that parents and children can decide whether Little House of Science will really work for them.

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