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£4,999 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Earn a six-figure income working with small businesses to help them get more customers.

Finance:Yes through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Cameron Botterill - Head Of Marketing

United Kingdom


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Probably the best business opportunity in the UK right now…

If you’re smart, switched-on and like the idea of earning a six figure income whilst helping your local community, the NHS and the UK economy – you might just be perfect for…

Entrepreneurs Circle

What is it?

Everything you need to become a hugely successful and highly profitable marketing coach for small businesses…

We train you and give you the step-by-step tools you need to work with any small business, identify their biggest opportunities and help them get results.

You don’t need marketing experience – just take our processes, our templates, our workbooks and follow our proven process that has been perfected over the past 17 years of working with tens of thousands of businesses.

How Do I Get Clients?

Simple. We give you the proven processes, templates, campaigns and ads – so getting clients is like building IKEA furniture – just follow the instructions!

Six-Figure Earning Potential:

We expect all of our coaches to be earning a six-figure income by the end of their first year although some prefer to work part time and therefore choose to earn a little less instead).

We recommend charging your clients £399 per month for your services – so you’re VERY affordable and a no-brainer decision for most. Then just do the maths:


We equip you with everything you need to bring on at least 2 clients per month which means that if you put the work in and follow the process, by the end of year one you should be earning over £100,000/year.

About Entrepreneurs Circle:

Here at Entrepreneurs Circle, we recognise the importance of small businesses to our country and to the economy. Not only do they provide the jobs to keep this country moving, but they also create the products and services we all need to keep the world spinning.

Every time a small business grows, they employ more people, pay more taxes, help fund the NHS, boost their own local economy – the effects are massive.

And it’s why everything we do at Entrepreneurs Circle revolves around one mission: to help small business owners succeed, survive and thrive.

For the past decade we’ve been working with tens of thousands of businesses to do exactly that through our training, events and of course, coaching.

Since we were founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur and Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Nigel Botterill, we’ve coached hundreds of businesses to achieve serious growth. But our in-house coaches are FULL. We’re oversubscribed. And there are millions of small businesses out there crying out for this help and support.

It’s not something we can do on our own. So, we need help. Your help.

Take our proven methods for coaching small businesses and start your own successful coaching business whilst helping fellow small business owners to succeed.

Let us equip you with everything you need, including our own proven marketing methods so you can get your first clients on board in a matter of days.

4 Reasons Why This is the Perfect Business…

Pound Sign

Reason #1: Very Low Costs

You need a phone, laptop and you’re done. Your monthly overheads are tiny. We’ve looked hard and we don’t think there’s a bone fide business out there with a lower cost base. And that’s good news because it means virtually ALL of your income goes straight to the bottom line – and in your pocket!

Reason 2

Reason #2: Huge Demand

We’ve been coaching businesses for over a decade and have never struggled to get clients. In fact, for the past few years we’ve had a waiting list! Why? Because small businesses all want one thing; more customers. And we’re offering them exactly that.

Reason 3

Reason #3: Recession Proof

In our own coaching business, demand goes UP when a recession hits.

That’s because small businesses are more self-aware where things aren’t going well that they need help and support to not just survive, but thrive – and they’re willing to pay for it – even in a recession.

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Reason #4: Simplicity

You have no stock to manage. No employees (and the headaches they bring!). No office (unless you want one!). You can run this business from home and because you’re not tied in to any long term contracts, equipment leases or extortionate franchise fees – this is a very simple, straightforward and stress free business to run. Choose how many clients you want, follow the system to get them and voila.

Even if you spent an hour with every client each week (which is more than we recommend!), you can soon be working 21 hours (that’s about 2.5 days!) a week but earning a £100,000+ income…

Needless to say, we think that’s pretty special!


For the right person who’s smart, switched-on, ambitious, hungry and looking for an opportunity that is immensely fulfilling… there’s no better business opportunity out there than the Certified Coaching Licence.

We already have over 100 successful coaches out there helping us on our mission (and earning exceptional money themselves!) will you join them?

Click below and fill in your details to request our Info-Pack and see for yourself why the Certified Coaching Licence is the best thing you can do for your family, your community and your country.

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