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£14,995 Minimum Investment

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Dig It Projects Franchise

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Dig It Projects

Peterlotte House,
16 Wandhills Avenue,
Skelton Industrial Estate,
TS12 2LQ.

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Dig It Projects was founded in 2008 and was created to give children the freedom to learn in the great outdoors by growing fresh fruit and vegetables in their own allotment style gardens. Each school would be given expert advice on what to grow, how to grow it and how to get the children actively involved so that not only would they be breathing in fresh air and not sitting in a classroom, they would also learn all about where food comes from. For picky eaters, growing their own vegetables is a great way to get them to try things as well.

Being able to make an informed decision about what they eat is an important life skill that should be taught as early as possible in order to allow children to make the best out of their health throughout their lives. With obesity rates climbing and the NHS under pressure, anything that this up and coming generation can do to help both themselves and the country at large is a good thing.

Each franchisee would have their own territory to work in including a website dedicated to them. This means that their projects will be able to upload pictures and information about their own individual projects making it much easier to share the message from school to home and beyond.

Gardening Franchises

With gardeners spending a whopping £1.5bn per year on plants for their gardens in the UK gardening is a very high growth and lucrative business sector.  A weekend visit to one of the 2300 UK garden centres and nursery is often a must for UK homeowners, according to a 2016 survey conducted by Horticultural Trades Association.  Horticulture and gardening is an area of interest for many, with middle aged consumers often the big spenders in this industry.

Many choose to employ professional gardeners to perform tasks that they neither have time or inclination for such as;

  • Mowing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Lawn care
  • Landscaping
  • Tree surgery

Gardening franchises that tap into this huge market have been around a long time and some have grown substantial UK businesses via franchising. The beauty of this sort of business is that things grow! Yes silly statement but all of the above will require ongoing attention and therefore make it far easier to grow, excuse the pun, your business. Good gardener are also very hard to find so many of them receive a high level of referral business, probably because of the visibility at customers ( van signage etc ) so can rely a lot less on any ongoing marketing again increasing profitability.

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Children Franchises

Over the last ten years there has been a huge rise in children related franchises in the UK. Some children franchises now include sectors such as child care, Creche, child swimming classes, children fitness classes, art classes and even go kart hire franchises.

In fact there are hundreds of different franchise opportunities that provide some sort of care or activity for children. It is probably this and people striving for a better work/life balance that has also contributed to the huge rise in the so called “Mumpreneurs” which describes mums with young children preferring to run their own business around their family than more traditional full or part-time employment. According to The Telegraph this boom in Mumpreneurs has resulted in a boost to the UK economy of a massive £7bn a year.

With so many varieties of children related franchises and the continued expansion and rise of mums setting up their own businesses in the UK children franchises are sure to continue to grow and Mumpreneurs are also bound to contribute even more to the UK economy in the future.

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