Create Club

£13,995 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Create Club Franchise, where children are unaccompanied by an adult for arts and crafts

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Create Club

Exeter, Aberdeen, Cardiff
United Kingdom

Phone Number:

+44844-8747XXXClick number to show


Create Club is part of the larger Creation Station, but has been designed specifically so that extra support can be given to children, parents and teachers. This additional support will enhance the curriculum and make learning fun for all.

Create Club is an award-winning enterprise (it has won the impressive Innovation in Children’s Education Award) that combines creativity with learning in such a way that children don’t realise they have been taught until they need to use the skills they have in some way; then it becomes entirely apparent.

Each workshop and session is highly structured yet fun. Topics include awesome artists, art-tastic nature, around the world, the art of science, inspired by me and out of this world. Children will paint, draw, model, collage, sculpt, make, cut, stick and generally use their imaginations to be as creative as possible.

These excellent classes take place in school (or during an after school club session) and can hugely increase the enjoyment a child gets from an important lesson that is on the curriculum. By inspiring a love of learning, Create Club offer many children the chance to do more than they might even realise they could. They will make friends along the way and become much more confident too.

Home Based Franchises

Home based franchises, a business run from home have steadily risen over recent years, why? Home based franchises offer many opportunities, some of the include;

  • More family friendly
  • Better work & home life balance
  • Increased earning potential, work when you want and potentially outside usual business hours
  • Reduced child care costs
  • Reduced overheads, less travel time, fuel and travelling expenses

Home based franchises have also steadily grown. Many so called white collar franchises are home based and include areas such as business consultancy, accountancy and bookkeeping, business training and coaching and internet businesses. In addition to these white collar home based franchises there has also been a steady rise is so called “Mumpreneurs”, mums that instead of seeking full or part-time employment around family life decide to set-up their own business on their own or via a home based franchise. Some of the businesses popular with Mumpreneurs include;

  • Child care
  • Childrens fitness such as football, swimming, dancing
  • Beauty including hair & nail salons, tanning
  • Fitness
  • Cosmetics

Home based franchises can provide such great flexibility for men and women along with improved technology are surely set to continue to rise in the UK and therefore could provide a great opportunity for anyone seeking greater flexibility and a work life balance. That said always find out everything about the investment and business and seek professional advice before any investment.

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Children Franchises

Over the last ten years there has been a huge rise in children related franchises in the UK. Some children franchises now include sectors such as child care, Creche, child swimming classes, children fitness classes, art classes and even go kart hire franchises.

In fact there are hundreds of different franchise opportunities that provide some sort of care or activity for children. It is probably this and people striving for a better work/life balance that has also contributed to the huge rise in the so called “Mumpreneurs” which describes mums with young children preferring to run their own business around their family than more traditional full or part-time employment. According to The Telegraph this boom in Mumpreneurs has resulted in a boost to the UK economy of a massive £7bn a year.

With so many varieties of children related franchises and the continued expansion and rise of mums setting up their own businesses in the UK children franchises are sure to continue to grow and Mumpreneurs are also bound to contribute even more to the UK economy in the future.

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