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Bodystreet UK Franchise - Changing the shape of the nation

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Build Your Own Bodystreet Business

When you are looking for a franchise opportunity that you want to invest in, you need to ask the following questions:

1. Is there a market for the service or product?
2. Will demand continue?
3. Does the franchisor know what they are doing?
4. Am I a good fit for this franchise?
5. Will the opportunity enable me to achieve my objectives?
6. Can I afford to become a franchisee?

Whilst we may not be able to answer all of these question here, we asked ourselves some of the same questions about a year ago and set out to explore the options and eventually Bodystreet specifically.


Within the UK today there is a demand for getting or keeping fit. People from all backgrounds and fitness levels are seeking ways to develop or improve their fitness – from the overweight to the keenest of triathlon competitors. Very few people would deny that some form of regular exercise – two or three times a week – would improve the nation’s health; our busy and demanding lifestyles leave little or no time for fun things; yet alone fitness regimes – in a recent HFO survey 52% of respondents stated that not enough time (work or home) was the main barrier to keeping fit.

At Bodystreet we understand the problems that 21st Century living places on our lifestyles. That’s why we developed our twenty minute, one-a-week workout programme to ensure no one could cite lack of time as a reason for not wanting to get fit. But our programmes are not just limited to the time starved. Bodystreet uses EMS – a technology whereby muscles are stimulated in the same way our brain stimulates them – which means any sports or fitness lover can improve or get faster results combining a Bodystreet workout with their current routine.


Our studios are small, very personal and have qualified, well trained instructors who deliver tailored workout sessions for each client. And with no equipment needed by our clients – we even provide clothing – popping in for a twenty-minute workout can be fitted into almost anyone’s busy schedule, any time of the day.
In the last 10 years Bodystreet has grown from a single studio in Munich to approaching 300 studios across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and now the UK. Our clients now train collectively around 140,000 times per month – and this is growing year-on-year.


As a franchisor we have have successfully run and operated many award winning franchise systems; only this year Bodystreet was recognised as Franchisor of the Year in Germany. Whilst our system here in the UK is not yet fully accredited by the British Franchise Association (BFA), members of our Management team are. But writing loads of words about what we are like cannot replace a face-to-face meeting. If you think what you have read so far makes sense, then why not request some further information and then come to one of our discovery meetings; where you can get to meet some of the team and see Bodystreet working with your own eyes.

Your health and fitness experience is not vital for us as to evaluate if you fit Bodystreet – we can train you and your team.  What is important to us is your attitude and determination. We are happy to consider you as suitable franchisees if you want one, a few or many studios. Bodystreet has many, many franchisees that are operating multiple studios.

Key qualities are:

  • Positive approach to all things.
  • Teachable – are you willing to follow a proven system?
  • Willing to serve – your team and your clients are vital to your success and putting them first is what makes Bodystreet work.
  • Ambitious –  do you want to succeed in what you do?


We can teach you, using the Bodystreet proven system, how to successfully operate our studio, develop your team, even win and keep great clients; in fact all you need to achieve your goals in business – but we can’t teach character. That’s what you bring.

As a successful franchisee you can expect to achieve great rewards – not just financial. A good studio should generate profit in year one – so long as you follow our system and substantial profits year two onwards.

Set up costs are as follows:

1. Initial license – £12,500. This includes the rights to use the Bodystreet system, brand and know-how. Also included in this fee is the training for you and your key staff. Training includes a week in Germany (except your travel costs to and from Munich) plus two weeks training in the UK – in our studio and your own. We will hand-hold you through the proven launch process and ensure you are delivering session in the very first week you are open.

2. Equipment – £25,000. This provides for your studio equipment including your EMS Equipment, Body Analysis Scanner, Exercise Suits and Preparation items.

3. Shop fit – circa £30,000. Your studio fit out will be provided for by our approved suppliers and will include everything from flooring, shower and toilets, changing area and decoration. As with all properties there are variations and this figure is a guide as it may change depending on the state of repair of the property you are considering.

4. Furniture and IT – £7,500. PC, chairs, changing room equipment and Bodystreet café furniture are covered by this budget.

5. Working capital – £5,000

The figures above are an approximate breakdown of the investment required but may vary depending of the size of a property being considered as a Bodystreet studio. All the figures exclude VAT which, will be charged as applicable. Funding for almost all of the investment is in place, so ideal candidates would need to have a minimum £10,000 of liquid capital to be considered for Bodystreet.

In addition to the initial investment, ongoing fees – which are normal in franchising – are set at 9% of turnover plus 2% for marketing.


Where Can I Find Out More?

If you think Bodystreet looks an exciting opportunity and you can see yourself enjoying the demands and rewards; then contact us for our initial information pack. Contact us, please call 01908410763 or simply fill out the enquiry form below.

Once you have read through that information and you would like to see a Bodystreet studio operating why not complete the application form that will come with the information pack and we will happily invite you along to one of our upcoming open days.


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