Bike Fixers


Franchise Description :

Bike Fixers mobile bicycle repair franchise

Finance:Yes through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Bike Fixers

1612 High Street,
B93 0JU

Phone Number:

+441564-774XXXClick number to show


With more and more bikes out on the road – more and more people are becoming health conscious plus it’s better for the environment which is something that everyone is keen to do more about – there will inevitably be problems. Just as cars break down and need roadside assistance, so too do bikes. This is why Bike Fixers was created.

Despite the fact that there are more bikes on the road, there are fewer permanent bike shops that specialise in repairs. Therefore, it was time that a new, mobile bike repair shop was born. Bike Fixers understand that if a bike can’t work, there may not be any other way to get to a repair shop with it (assuming there is even one near enough to cycle to in the first place). Not all cars are equipped to carry bikes, public transport is tricky and that can mean problems.

Bike Fixers solve these problems because they are a fully mobile bike repair company, coming to the customer’s home to carry out servicing and repairs at a time that suits. This means the bike can get back out on the road quickly and safely and the bike owner is not inconvenienced.

Whether the problem is a mechanical fault, a flat tyre, or the bike simply needs to be checked over before a long journey, Bike Fixers can be there to ensure that everything is just as it should be.

Automotive Franchises

We Brits love our cars, according to a study by the BBC in 2016 the number of cars alone on the roads increased by over 600,000 per year to a staggering 25.8 million! As the number of cars increases of course the number of a franchisees potential clients increases so automotive franchises have been very successful, particularly over the last 5-7 years.

There are many type of automotive franchises including car bumper & scratch repair, windscreen repair, valeting & detailing, tuning so there is a great amount of choice for you if you are seeking a new business within the automotive business sector, which according to the SMMT the automotive sector is worth over £77bn a year to the UK economy.

So what sort of person do you need to change career and set-up an automotive business franchise? You may have previous industry experience but what’s great about franchising is with every franchise you will receive full training and support from the franchisor so many will not require previous automotive experience.

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