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A B2B membership platform where likeminded businesses can trade their products or services within a global network.

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What is Bartercard and what services does it provide?

Since the launch of Bartercard in 1991, businesses have bartered within a network of 55,000 cardholders around the world. It is designed to assist businesses in improving their cash flow and reducing cash expenses through the use of modern bartering. Bartercard has taken the concept of traditional barter and with 21st-century technology, has created a trading platform that enables businesses to trade using their products or services.

Bartercard operates within nine countries and has 75 offices worldwide allowing its members and franchisees to establish new business markets on a local, national and international scale. Bartercard also provides an interest-free line of credit, creating an additional source of funding for you to invest in the growth of your business.

The power of Bartercard’s modern-day bartering is that you can conserve cash and reduce expenses by using our digital currency, known as a Trade Pound, to barter your products or services indirectly with any business within the Bartercard network.

What’s the role of a Bartercard Franchisee?

As a Franchisee of Bartercard, you’ll be responsible to gain members within your territory which you will then assist in trading their products or services with the whole network. Don’t worry, Bartercard Head Office will run your member invoicing, statements and chase bad debt. You’ll have direct contact with our Franchising Manager who will assist you with all your questions, training and members.

Franchisees grow their businesses by meeting business owners and demonstrating how Bartercard works and how Bartercard is a key tool in the development of their business by:

  • Guaranteeing to bring new customers and increased sales
  • Saving cash and improving cash flow
  • Providing the opportunity to fill their spare capacity or downtime and sell their excess stock without special offers or discounts
  • Improving profitability
  • Providing an interest-free line of credit to preserve cash

What’s included in the franchise package?

Bartercard provides a comprehensive support programme including one-weeks intensive training, access to our Barterversity platform and a post training care programme which includes field training.A franchisee will have the opportunity be involved in regional reward and recognition prizes along with two conferences per annum.

Here is what we provide you:

  • Presenter Brochures
  • Branded promotional pack and banner
  • Up to two PC’s (i5, 6th generation or greater)
  • Access to our CRM system
  • Branded Stationary &Business Cards
  • Outlook 365 & DocuSign Accounts

Franchise Earning Potential

The below figures are what we would expect franchisees to earn based on their number of sales and members. Although these aren’t a guarantee or warranty of your actual earnings, with hard work and commitment, we expect these figures to be met.

Scenario 1
Scenario 2

How do I get started on setting up a Bartercard business?

Bartercard offers the perfect opportunity to build and run your own business with the backing and support of a world-leading established brand.

To start your enquiry, please complete the Enquire Now form below. A member from the Bartercard Franchise Department will be in touch within 48 hours.

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White Collar Franchises

White collar franchises are a leading sector within franchise recruitment. White collar franchise opportunities are often an ideal choice for a franchise seeker wishing to own a business and work alongside other business professionals. These opportunities are usually business to business.

Many white collar franchise opportunities can be home based so the need and expense for office premises can be eliminated, although the level of investment will vary among franchises some have low start up costs.

With training and a highly developed business method for many, a white collar franchise can be an ideal turn key solution for a business profession or anyone wishing to enter the world of business.

Unsurprisingly many franchise seekers attracted to white collar have often risen through the ranks in management posts for large corporations and may find themselves in a redundancy situation or perhaps decide to take early retirement and wish to take control of their lives, income and use the valuable business experience they have gained through their careers.

There are a vast scope of different types of businesses that fall under this genre these include business coaching and mentoring, consultancy, recruitment, cost reduction, accountancy and finance.

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Home Based Franchises

Home based franchises, a business run from home have steadily risen over recent years, why? Home based franchises offer many opportunities, some of the include;

  • More family friendly
  • Better work & home life balance
  • Increased earning potential, work when you want and potentially outside usual business hours
  • Reduced child care costs
  • Reduced overheads, less travel time, fuel and travelling expenses

Home based franchises have also steadily grown. Many so called white collar franchises are home based and include areas such as business consultancy, accountancy and bookkeeping, business training and coaching and internet businesses. In addition to these white collar home based franchises there has also been a steady rise is so called “Mumpreneurs”, mums that instead of seeking full or part-time employment around family life decide to set-up their own business on their own or via a home based franchise. Some of the businesses popular with Mumpreneurs include;

  • Child care
  • Childrens fitness such as football, swimming, dancing
  • Beauty including hair & nail salons, tanning
  • Fitness
  • Cosmetics

Home based franchises can provide such great flexibility for men and women along with improved technology are surely set to continue to rise in the UK and therefore could provide a great opportunity for anyone seeking greater flexibility and a work life balance. That said always find out everything about the investment and business and seek professional advice before any investment.

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