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Paula Y (anonymous) Joel Bissitt edited question

Looking at a pet care business and seen several that maybe of interest on this site but wondered what I need to consider before I buy? Also what sort of flexibility is there if my circumstances change, say with children etc?


Hi Paula, thanks for your question. Yes there are many pet related franchises available in the UK. As with any business investment including buying a business or buying a franchise you need to take professional advice. A franchise is a different type of business startup as in effect you are not starting from scratch but using a tried and tested business model with the support of the franchise owner ( Franchisor ). This and other many advantages are why franchises are so popular and the success rate is far higher than an independent start-up business.

That said working with a franchise you must follow the rules and procedures in place by the Franchisor so you need to be able to follow a system and take instruction well if you are considering buying a franchise.

A good franchise agreement usually has a contingency for most factors including change of ownership, transfer in the event of a change of circumstances but this will vary from franchise to franchise so if you have long terms plans ( a franchise is a min 5 year commitment usually ) then it’s best to discuss this with the Franchisor before you proceed and take legal advice on the franchise agreement.

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