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With more parents opting either for private education & tuition the trend of the rise of educational franchises UK is set to continue.

Similarly, education is a lifelong process. The idea that we should all get a certain amount of schooling when we’re young and that’s it, is redundant. People now want to learn at every stage of life.

All of which means there are many different types of education franchise available. But not only is education a great way to make a living, you can also be doing some good and passing on your skills at the same time.

Types of educational franchises for sale

Nursery and pre-schools franchises

Education doesn’t just start at school. From the moment a child is born they are learning. In fact, it’s said that we learn more in the first six months of our lives than we do over the entire rest of its course. So it’s very important that we try and help the developing brain from an early age. While this may not be through academic learning, we can still help children explore and understand the world through play, socialising and more.

Nurseries and pre-schools are vital in children’s development, and not just somewhere that will look after the children while the parents are at work. Building literacy and numeracy skills, encouraging cognitive patterns and helping children to develop a concept of learning can all happen before they even get to school. With a nursery or pre-school franchise you could be having a huge affect on the lives of countless children.

Adult education franchises

As mentioned above, no one is ever too old to learn. More and more adults of all ages are trying to better themselves through further education, taking evening courses in a variety of subjects.

Skills learning

Education is not all about learning from books either. We all learn in different ways with our brains responding better to certain areas of interest. Combine this with an increased competition in the jobs market and you see why skills training is so important. Learning practical skills such as plumbing, electrics and building can be a gateway to a career.

Language franchises

One of the best ways to keep your brain active and aid overall development is through learning languages. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from the stimulation of learning to communicate in another tongue. But it’s not just good for the brain, there are also practical advantages of being able to communicate in more than one language.

Tutoring franchises

As we all learn at different levels, very often people can get left behind in a learning environment. That’s why some extra support from a tutor can help people to catch up or even get ahead before big exams. This kind of supplemental education is proving to be very popular with parents who don’t want to see their kids get left behind.

Alternative education

As mentioned at the start of this guide, there are many different ways to learn. Some people learn through seeing and hearing, others through doing. In recent years there has been a move away from conventional education to more alternative forms, such as green and forest schools. There are also opportunities for franchises in music schools, specialising in areas such as rock, DJing and more.

Education materials

As well as the education itself, there are countless opportunities to provide subsidiary support in the form of teaching materials, learning spaces, transportation, food, educational trips and more. The education sector is growing all the time, with more and more educations franchises UK opening up.

Why choose a educational franchise rather than starting your own business?

Although there are lots of opportunities available in the education sector, it is one that relies very much on reputation. People don’t always want to entrust their own or their family’s education to untested or unknown quantities, so a franchise with an established place in the market gives you an advantage.

Also, education is an especially complicated industry that is based around a great deal of experience, materials and guidance. Plus there are safeguarding and legislation issues to keep in mind. Setting up your own establishment can be incredibly complicated and difficult, involving a detailed understanding of several key areas that can take months or years to get to grips with.

With a franchise you benefit from a proven business model that has already navigated all these complex pathways. You’ll receive help with the legal and administrative side of the business, as well as the practical implications of teaching.

You may also have access to students or potential students from the moment you set up, which can be a stumbling block for other education businesses.

What are the best educational franchises?

Education can be a very sensitive industry and one that is subject to change and evolution. Try and look for a franchise that is both riding a new wave of educational but that isn’t a fad. This is especially true in areas of alternative education.

Try and speak to current and former franchise owners and talk about the finer details, including detailed breakdowns of several years’ figures. It’s essential that you assess the competition in any area before making a commitment, as education can be a very busy market place.

Staffing is also a key consideration in the education sector, with providers only being as good as their faculty. Find out if your franchisor will be offering any assistance in this area, and discuss what training and on-going support you will be given.

Remember that education can change and develop and you need to adapt to new legislation and education theory as it happens. You will constantly be updating your business as time goes on.

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