Cleaning Franchises

Why now is the perfect time to invest in a cleaning franchise

Franchising is a unique opportunity for individuals looking to run their own business, without having to handle as much of the initial costs and risks associated with a brand new start-up. One of the strongest sectors to emerge from the global pandemic has been the cleaning industry. With a global market size that is expected to reach £65 billion by 2025, the cleaning industry is looking healthier than ever.

Cleaning franchises are an incredibly successful framework that has proven to do well in the most trying of times. People are always going to need clean clothes, and dry cleaning franchises are constantly bringing in new business. So, if you are considering a foray into the world of franchising, there is no better time than now to get into a cleaning franchise.

We are going to take a look at why now is the perfect time to invest in a cleaning franchise, to offer insights that might help guide your decision on undertaking this incredible business journey.

The cleaning sector offers a strong, dependable franchising opportunity

As we touched on earlier, the cleaning industry is seeing unprecedented success in recent times. The current market stands at over $60 billion USD and looks to be on an upward trajectory, thanks largely to people taking hygiene much more seriously following Covid-19. In fact, hygiene has never been more important to people, which has helped cleaning franchises tremendously.

People’s views of contract cleaning have also changed as a result of their own lifestyle changes, which has really helped this market shine. As people are being encouraged to work longer hours, they have less time available to tidy up their home, do housework and keep their property in order. As a result, cleaning services have become a much more common service and less of a luxury.

Choose how you work with cleaning franchises

The great thing about franchises is the flexibility with which you can work – for cleaning franchises, you can either be doing the cleaning or managing a team of cleaners. This level of flexibility allows people from all walks of life to try their hand at this fantastic career opportunity.

Cleaning franchise management, for example, is a role that can usually be accomplished from the comfort of your own home. There have been numerous benefits associated with working from home, such as more time to spend with friends and family. It also enables people who cannot normally leave their home for multiple hours a day to control their career, making it a perfect opportunity for stay-at-home parents and other individuals with at-home commitments.

Franchises lay a patchwork for success

Being involved with a cleaning franchise empowers individuals to be successful through a tried and tested process. In essence, it is the business equivalent of standing on the shoulders of giants to see further ahead. In many countries such as the UK, franchises outperform regular businesses, with 93% of all franchises turning a profit. This is considerably better than the 40% success rate that is often found in other businesses.

The reason behind this is relatively straightforward – franchises are proven to be successful and that is why they are franchises. Without an established model for success, there would be no point in developing a franchise compared to a new business. The groundwork for success is already baked into cleaning franchises, which is a big part of why they are more likely to succeed than a regular business.

Cleaning franchises have low start-up costs

One of the biggest barriers for people looking to get into a business, or even a franchise, is the initial start-up costs. On average, a McDonald’s franchise costs anywhere from £350,000 to £1.85 million to get off the ground. Cleaning franchises, on the other hand, cost much less at the initial stages with an investment of just £10,000 would be enough to get you started.

There are also lots of avenues available to secure funding for a cleaning franchise, such as banks and credit unions. These are often designed with franchisees in mind, so it is worth looking into specialist franchise lending to save some extra cash down the road.

A cleaning franchise is easy to sell

One of the best aspects of a franchise is the flexibility it offers in terms of how you work, and this flexibility continues even when you are looking to sell. As an investment, cleaning franchises offer an incredible return on investment, but there is even more value to be found in selling off a profitable cleaning franchise.

Depending on how the franchise is set up, individuals acting as franchisees may need to wait a few years before they can sell their franchise. However, if the location is profitable then the franchisee can make a significant profit in selling their franchise off when they are able to do so.

There are lots of reasons to consider a cleaning franchise, but now is the perfect time to get on board. With society putting a greater emphasis on hygiene and franchises succeeding across the board, cleaning franchises an incredibly prudent business decision.

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