Sarah Meredith Oven Wizards

Oven Wizards deliver another magical year!

Oven Wizards are pleased to report continued growth in terms of the business they delivered in 2019.

Business growth is up 10% in the last year in terms of the value of sales, and 5% in terms of the numbers of ovens cleaned by Oven Wizards Franchisees.

Pippa Weir, who started her Oven Wizards business in South West Sheffield in 2018 said,” I’m getting booked up usually a week or two in advance and I’ve had a great start to 2020, I’m booked up by over a month

Mark Abbott, Managing Director said,”2019 was another great year for Oven Wizards, building on the success of the previous few years. We are continuing to recruit new Franchisees and we are pleased that Sarah Meredith became our third lady Wizard in 2019. We are thoroughly enjoying sharing our business ethos with our new franchisees and it is great to see them doing so well in their own territories.

He went on to say “We are now firmly established as the 3rd largest oven cleaning Franchise in the UK, and with an initial Franchise Fee of still just £12500, we believe we still offer the best value for money oven cleaning Franchise on the market.”

David Bayliss, Oven Wizards, South East Kent said “Yes, if I’m being honest this is one of the best January/ February for bookings I have ever had

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